The Cat’s Out of the Bag! Obama Admits Social Security is Officially Broke

Ok, everyone. You should all know by now that Social Security is not a retirement program. It’s a legalized Ponzi Scheme run by politicians to make you slaves to the State. You should also know that there is no money in the Social Security program. All that money you paid in and/or are paying in goes straight to other programs and those who are withdrawing today. You have no investment account with a balance; just an IOU from your Federal Government with a promise to pay. Who would even want to rely on a promise from our Federal Government?

President Barack Obama, in his recent self-destructive behavior (just today he admitted he is bluffing on the budget talks), admitted that Social Security is broke. We all should have known better. Why would a government need to ‘borrow’ money if it is flush with cash? Why would we believe this very same government that is so irresponsible is able to manage all of these social programs with any hint of responsibility?

So here’s the deal. President Obama said that if we can’t come to a budget agreement by August 3rd and the debt ceiling is not raised, Social Security checks will not be mailed because their will be no money to fund them. What!! I’m not actually surprised by the revelation but I am surprised this actually came out of the mouth of the Hope and Change president the media and Liberals have come to love. He actually admitted this on CBS news.

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There you have it, there is no special lock box with a secret stash of funds. There is no Social Security money to be paid because it doesn’t exist!

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