Obama Already Closing Federal Lands to Energy Production

I recall in two of the presidential debates that Barack Obama stated that he was all for the increase in oil, natural gas and coal production as well as the development of green energy sources.  I knew that he was a liar and his actions less than a week after winning his second term, has proven me right.

This past Friday, the Interior Department announced its final plans to close off 1.6 million acres of federal land which was originally scheduled for possible oil shale development under the George W. Bush administration.  All of the land in question is in the western part of the country.

They cited environmental concerns raised by the Bureau of Land Management.  Those concerns include the possible damage to sage grouse habitats and areas that exhibit wilderness characteristics.

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What? Wilderness characteristics?  Please tell me what land outside a city or town that does not exhibit wilderness characteristics.  If you saw my backyard at different times this past year, you could have said it was exhibiting wilderness characteristics.  I’ve studied range ecology and range management and using the term ‘wilderness characteristics’ is one of the most ambiguous and ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard.

Democrats are trying to appease Republicans and the energy community by pointing out that 677,000 acres in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming will be made available to oil shale exploration, as if that makes up for the 1.6 million acres that will be closed off.  Some Democrats like Utah’s Sen. Mark Udall who said:

“I am glad the Interior Department is taking measured steps to encourage research and development of our oil shale resources. With water being one of our most precious commodities in the West, I have concerns about the potential impacts of commercial oil shale development. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing this technology explored further.”

Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-KY) disagrees, saying:

“This proposal will place further limitations on the exploration and development of our country’s natural resources and is yet another example of how this administration continues to stand in the way of North American energy independence.”

I believe that this is the first of many such actions that the Obama administration will be taking that will drastically limit the development of America’s oil, natural gas and coal resources.  Obama will continue to block and hinder our attempts to become energy independent to keep us dependent upon the nations that hate us and to further push his green energy programs.

I knew Obama was lying during the debates and his campaign and it’s taken less than a week to prove it.  I still don’t know how the American people were so stupid and gullible to give him a second term when all he really deserved was a jail cell.

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