Obama and Democrats Following in Hitler’s Footsteps

How does one assume complete power over a nation?

By getting one group of people in the nation to start hating another group of people and then make the targeted group the rallying point around which all others can focus their hatred and blame.

In the late 1700s, a politician by the name of Maximilien Robespierre was a very articulate member of the left-wing bourgeoisie in France.  The French people for the most part lived in poor conditions.  Robespierre began to blame the French aristocracy for the squalid lifestyles of the people.  The French populace rallied around his hatred of the royals until the nation erupted into what is known as the French Revolution.  Robespierre’s actions also led to the Reign of Terror in which the vast majority of the French aristocracy and wealthy were attacked by the people.  Many were beaten to death, others guillotined and yet others imprisoned.  After the French Revolution, much of the people found their living conditions to worse than it was before the revolution.

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In the early 1900s, the vast majority of people in Russia struggled just to make a living.  Conditions throughout the land were harsh and the Czar’s troops executed their powers to the fullest.  As a result, the Russian nobility were made to be the hated group.  The Czar’s family and many of his relatives were executed for crimes against the people.  This led to the Bolshevik Revolution and the rise of Soviet communism.  It wasn’t long before the Russian people realized how much they sacrifice in supporting the communist takeover and for the next seventy years they regretted what they had done.

After World War 1 Germany was financially devastated.  In the early 1930s a gifted orator quickly rose to prominence in German politics.  Adolf Hitler began blaming the Jews for all of Germany’s economic woes and the devastation the nation suffered in the war.  It wasn’t long before his rallying cry of Jewish hatred enraged the people and Hitler and his Nazi regime took control of the country.  The tyranny of Hitler’s government not only pitted the German people against the Jews, but also against blacks, and even against themselves.  Family and friends turned on each other because of the overwhelming hatred that permeated the nation.  Ten years later, over six million Jews were dead, thousands of blacks were dead, thousands of relatives were executed for speaking out against the government and the nation of Germany was destroyed by World War 2.

Now, President Obama and the Democratic Party are following in the historical steps of history’s tyrants and dictators by inciting hatred for those on Wall Street and CEO’s of major businesses.  They are openly supporting and encouraging the Occupy Wall Street movement throughout the land, just as Hitler did with the anti-Jewish movement in Germany and just like Lenin did with the Russian nobility and just like Robespierre did with the French aristocracy.  Every one of these example led to a bloody revolution which in turn led to conditions worse than they were before.

I truly believe that Obama and his socialist cronies would like nothing better than to incite a revolution in America which would allow them to assume dictatorial control.  The Occupy Wall Street movement provides the perfect scenario for them to sow their seeds of hatred and disillusionment for the wealthy and anyone anti-union and anti-government hand-outs.  And if you don’t think it could happen here, neither did the French, Russians or Germans.

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