Obama and Johnson Should Stand Trial with Illegal for Murder of Woman

The senseless murder of a Kathryn Steinle on a San Francisco pier is only the tip of a huge iceberg of problems with our current immigration system.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is a 52 year old illegal from Mexico who has already been deported five times and has drug charges pending against him in California. He was once again arrested and detained by federal officials for re-entering the country yet again, but federal officials turned him over to authorities in San Francisco, a town well known to federal officials for not honoring federal immigration laws and being a sanctuary city for illegals.

Knowing what the feds do about San Francisco, why should anyone be surprised that the most liberal city in America refused to honor the feds’ request to hold Sanchez and turn him out to walk the streets of San Francisco?

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But who is really to blame for what happened on the pier?

To begin with, Barack Obama has illegally taken it upon himself to change the enforcement of federal immigration laws which were passed by Congress. Only Congress can legally make those changes and they haven’t done that. Obama’s illegal changes to the enforcement, or should I say LACK of enforcement of immigration laws, created the circumstances by which Sanchez was allowed to repeatedly re-enter the United States illegally, thus making him culpable to the murder of Steinle as an accessory to the deed.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has taken Obama’s illegal actions even further and has also changed enforcement of federal immigration laws that make it easier for illegals like Sanchez to repeatedly re-enter the US and commit crimes. Therefore, Johnson is also culpable to Steinle’s murder and should be charged as an accessory with Obama.

If federal officials who act illegally to begin with are held criminally liable for the consequences of their actions, then perhaps they’ll start thinking twice before they act against the US Constitution and federal law.

Additionally, what about city and county officials that declare themselves to be sanctuary havens for illegals? Why should any of them be allowed to defy federal laws? What would they say if a city like San Francisco declared themselves to be a sanctuary city for rapists, drug dealers or murderers? Is there really any difference? NO! Once we are allowed to pick and choose which laws we want to uphold and which ones we don’t want to uphold, American becomes an anarchy were laws are subjective to personal decision.

Therefore, those local officials who decide to disregard federal laws such as the immigration laws should also be held culpable for crimes committed by those they give sanctuary to.

If Obama and Johnson had properly enforced federal immigration law and properly secured our borders, chances are that Sanchez would not have been on that pier and Steinle would still be alive. If San Francisco was not an anarchy city and honored federal laws, Sanchez would not have been released and Steinle would still be alive.

Our leaders take oaths to uphold the laws and protect the people they represent, not to disobey the laws and place us all in constant danger. It’s time the American people start holding these lawless officials accountable for their actions and charging them as accessories to the crimes committed by those wrongly freed and protected.

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