Obama Appointed Judge Dismisses Immigration Lawsuit Against Him

Not only does Barack Obama have the Department of Justice protecting his illegal and unconstitutional actions but a variety of federal judges, that he has appointed, are also protecting him.

The latest protection came from Judge Beryl A. Howell of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. She was appointed by Obama in July 2010 and confirmed by the Democratic Controlled Senate in December 2010. Earlier this week, Howell dismissed a lawsuit filed by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio against Barack Obama claiming that his recent announcement on delayed deportation of illegal aliens was unconstitutional.

Within two hours of Obama’s November announcement on the delayed deportations, Arpaio filed the lawsuit in the DC federal court citing that Obama had exceeded his presidential powers and was in direct violation of the US Constitution.

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However, Judge Howell opted to just dismiss the case rather than hear arguments from both sides. Her loyalty to Obama superseded her loyalty to upholding the law and the US Constitution. In her dismissal, Howell wrote:

“The plaintiff’s case raises important questions regarding the impact of illegal immigration on this nation, but the questions amount to generalized grievances which are not proper for the judiciary to address.”

Excuse me!!! Since when is charging the man occupying the White House with violating the US Constitution just a generalized grievance and not worthy to be heard in federal court? Then where does one go to charge someone in Obama’s position with violating the Constitution? No matter what Obama thinks, he is not above the law.

Of course the White House praised her loyalty when Eric Schultz, Principal Deputy Press Secretary issued a statement reading in part:

“Judge Howell’s decision today confirms what the Department of Justice and scholars throughout the country have been saying all along: the president’s executive actions on immigration are lawful.”

“The Supreme Court and Congress have made clear that federal officials can set priorities in enforcing our immigration laws, and the actions announced by the president are consistent with those taken by administrations of both parties for the last half century.”

“The court correctly dismissed Sheriff Arpaio’s lawsuit.”

Of course the DOJ and liberal scholars would say Obama’s actions are legal, but you can also find that the Republican controlled House and many conservative and constitutional scholars say those actions are illegal and unconstitutional.

I wonder if Federal Judge Beryl Howell is vying for Ginsburg’s seat on the Supreme Court if she vacates it while Obama is still in office? What better way to buy your seat on the high bench but to ignore the US Constitution and federal law for the sake of protecting the most corrupt and vile person ever to hold our nation’s highest office?

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