Obama Appoints Huge, Huge Fan of Big Spending to Cabinet Post

Despite White house reports, our economy has not recovered and is still on the verge of collapsing into a massive depression.  The supposed improving unemployment figures they keep releasing are not as accurate as they want you to believe.  Many thousands of Americans are running out of unemployment benefits because they have been out of work too long.  They are falling off the government rolls, thus making it appear that more people are working than there really are.  If our economy was doing so well, then why the real need for the Sequestration, other than to be used as another propaganda tool by Obama?

The last thing America needs is another big spender of taxpayer dollars.  We already have politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who was calling for another $1 trillion in spending last year for more socialist programs that would have done little to help the economy.

Now we have President Obama appointing another big spending fan who will surely help increase our nation’s debt.  On Monday, Obama named Anthony Foxx, Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina to be the new Secretary of Transportation.

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Charlotte was the home of the Democratic National Convention last year and Mayor Foxx delivered a keynote address at the event.  He is also known for spending money on transportation issues like light rail systems when his city has an unemployment rate of 10%, more than 2% higher than the national average.  Perhaps one of Foxx’s biggest accomplishments as mayor of Charlotte (besides firmly planting his lips on Obama’s behind) was to extend the city’s light rail system all the up to the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Do you want further proof of his spending ways?  In 2012, A CBS News reporter asked Foxx:

“You are a big fan of infrastructure spending?”

His reply tells it all:

“Huge, huge fan of it. I think it creates jobs right now. It also creates better mobility choices. In a community like ours that has struggled with air quality, it also provides environmental benefits.”

As Secretary of Transportation, there would be a high probability that Foxx would be throwing hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to all kinds of transportation projects, especially ones like light rail systems and possibly street cars like the project Cincinnati is trying to justify while having a huge deficit budget.  But have no fear, Cincinnati, here comes ‘Deep Pockets Foxx’ spreading our dollars from here, to there and everywhere.

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