Obama Assumes Roll Of Congress, Again

When Congress passes a law, only Congress is legally allowed to make any changes to that law.  But President Barack Obama has repeatedly taken on the role of Congress and the Supreme Court by making illegal decisions time and again.

It was Congress that passed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in March 2010.  According to the US Constitution, only Congress is legally allowed to make any changes to Obamacare.

Yet, Barack Obama took it upon himself to make changes concerning the contraceptive mandate, the employer mandate and now he has done it again by making a change in the individual mandate.  Every time Obama makes an exception or announces an extension to any part of Obamacare, he is doing so illegally.  Those exceptions and extensions can only be made by an act of Congress.

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Originally, every uninsured American was required to sign up for a health plan by Feb. 15, 2014 in order to avoid paying the penalty tax.  However, due to all of the problems with the government’s healthcare website, which was farmed out to a Canadian company to build, Obama once again violated the Constitution when he announced that he was extending that deadline to March 31.  The dictator-in-chief magnanimously gave the American people an extra 6 weeks to sign up or pay.

When I point these legal violations out to others, they always ask why isn’t someone doing something about it.  Why isn’t anyone holding Obama accountable for all of the laws he’s broken?

Perhaps it’s knowing that the Department of Justice won’t do anything to him since he controls US Attorney General Eric Holder like a puppeteer controls his puppet.  For Congress to do anything to hold Obama accountable, it would have to start with the House to bring him up on charges.  However, once than happens, it’s up to the senate to try him on those charges and as long as Harry Reid and his entourage of liberal Democrats control the Senate, and that will never happen.

Another reason no one is doing anything about Obama’s long string of crimes is that they are just too spineless and weak-kneed to stand up and do what the American people expect them to.  They know that to challenge such a ruthless dictator would be political suicide and they aren’t willing to make that sacrifice.

There is another reason that many won’t even consider.  In the 2008 election, Bill Clinton was the loudest birther critic speaking out against Obama.  Then suddenly, he shut up about the birther issue and once Obama secured the nomination, he supported him whole heartedly, at least publicly.  Bettina Vivano spoke out last year saying that Bill Clinton was threatened by someone associated with the Obama campaign.  After the murder of Bill Gwatney in his office, Clinton was told he was next if he didn’t shut up about Obama’s birther issue.  When Bill Clinton refused, he was then informed that the life of his daughter Chelsea would be in serious jeopardy if he continued.  That was when Bill Clinton suddenly dropped all mention of the question of Obama’s birth eligibility to president.

If the people behind Obama’s sudden rise to power and dictatorship are that formidable to threaten the Clintons and get away with it, then you have to ask who else in Washington have they threatened.  Why is it that it’s always the Republicans that back down to Obama, giving up all of their principles?

Perhaps it’s a combination of all three scenarios, but regardless, no one seems to be willing to stand up and tell Obama that he cannot legally be doing the things he does.  Until someone does, Obama will continue to take the roles of Congress and the Supreme Court and add them to his title of Dictator-in-Chief.

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