Is Obama Attacking ISIS to Protect Shiite Muslims, Christians or Himself?

Last Thursday, Barack Obama announced that he had authorized airstrikes against the Islamic extremist group known as ISIS in Iraq. Obama said it was a humanitarian act, but never spelled out exactly what that meant.

Was Obama referring to the terrorist acts ISIS was committing against Shiite Muslims or what it due to the slaughter of Christians?

ISIS first formed in October 2006 as just the Islamic State of Iraq, but received little international attention. In April 2013, they reformed and called themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, referring to the Levant region which is composed of Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and southern Turkey. They declared their capital to be in Syria, hence their other name of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS. Then in June 2014, ISIS declared that they were a caliphate and that all Muslims everywhere should submit to their authority.

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The leaders behind ISIS were Sunni Muslims who had long been at odds with Shiite Muslims, who just happened to be in control of Iraq. As ISIS forces gained in power, they vowed to take control of Iraq and began their terrorist attacks on Shiite Muslims that are loyal to the ruling government.

Is this the cause of the humanitarian need that Obama referred to? If so, why didn’t he say so?

Saturday, I reported about the slaughter of Iraq’s Christians. In the city of Mosul, the number of Christians decreased from around 60,000 prior to 2003 to no more than about 20 families according to a UN report. New reports describe ISIS terrorists beheading Christian children in in a park in Mosul. Their heads were placed on sticks and then on display in the park. Christian women and mothers are being raped and killed and husbands and fathers are being hung.

If Obama is a Christian as he so often declares, he should be outraged at the horrible torture of Iraq’s Christians. Is this the humanitarian need he spoke of? If so, why didn’t he specifically say so?

Or, is Obama using humanitarian excuses to protect the house he plans to live in for the rest of his? Abu Mosa, a spokesperson for ISIS told an interviewer:

“I say to America that the Islamic caliphate has been established.”

“Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House.”

I have always suspected that Barack Hussein Obama has plans of his own to raise an Islamic flag over the White House, but under his terms, not the terms of radical Islamic terrorists like ISIS. I can’t help but wonder if the ISIS plans to raise the Islamic flag is the real cause for Obama’s airstrikes against them and that the only humanitarian cause that finally spurred him to action is the threat to his own residence and nothing more.

Obama had no compassion for the Iraq Shiite Muslims or Christians and didn’t take any action when the news of ISIS atrocities against them were reported. It seemed the timing of his airstrikes just happened to take place shortly after ISIS threatened the White House which only helps prove that Obama only cares about himself more than anyone else.

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