Obama Buying More Votes from Illegal Aliens

How many ways can one politician buy votes these days?

1.  Stop the deportation of nearly 1 million illegal immigrants.

2.  Prevent enforcement of federal immigration laws.

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3.  Block states from enforcing their own immigration laws.

4.  Endorse same-sex marriage.

5.  Allow homosexuals to openly serve in the military.

6.  Provide free cell phones for poor people.

7.  Push to allow convicted felons to be able to vote.

And now we can add one more purchase to the list:

8.  Prevent deportation of illegals that have U.S. same-sex partners.

In an obvious attempt to buy more votes from homosexuals and illegal aliens, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (or should we say Homeland Insecurity under her and Obama’s rule), announced last week a new immigration policy.  Napolitano is informing Democratic leaders that illegals who are involved in a long-term same-sex partnership with an American citizen will receive special consideration before any deportation will be made.

The memo explains that they will allow attorneys for the illegal same-sex partners to argue that the long-term relationships meet the government definition of a family, thus hopefully avoiding deportation.

Both Napolitano and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder are nothing more than Obama’s puppets and will do everything in their power to help buy as many votes, legally or illegally, for their puppet master Obama.

If illegals and other non-citizens are not allowed to vote in U.S. elections, then why are the puppet master and his puppets putting so much effort into wooing them over to the dark side?  Because in many states, all you have to have is a valid state driver’s license to register to vote.  By allowing a million young illegals to remain in the U.S. and obtain driver’s licenses, you just bought yourself a million votes.  Now by providing homosexual illegals a way to remain, you just bought a few hundred or perhaps a few thousands votes.

I truly believe that Obama and the Democrats know that they cannot win in November legally, so are pulling out all of the stops they can to secure as many illegal votes as possible along with the votes of the gays, felons and those that support them.  If Obama does win re-election, perhaps we should rename the country, The United Socialist Muslim States of Sodom and Gomorrah.


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