Obama Calls for Investing in America’s Financial Destruction

Hell froze over this week. The Democrats have suddenly become responsible and sensible stewards of our government. Collectively progressives have determined that supporting sound policies that provide for a more inclusive society and a revolutionary fiscal policy will put America back on the path of prosperity. It’s called “investment.” We have been inundated with the slogan “investment” for quite some time. It has replaced “spending” in our Presidents vocabulary and the progressive lexicon and it is a dangerous misuse of a well-defined word.

According to Webster’s dictionary, investment is “the purchase of a product or item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns.” Spending by contrast is “to use up or put out, to pay out.” For the better part of four years, we have experienced the Democrats version of investment. Somehow I’m a little lost. If the last few years of broken leftwing investment are any indication of what we can expect for our future, I want a new national broker.

We’ve all heard about the Obama Administration’s $500,000,000 Solyndra investment. The Democrats swooned while our Ivy League educated President’s intuition blazed the trail for emerging alternative energy and job creation. However, Solyndra took less than one President’s term in office to go bankrupt leaving the American taxpayer on the hook for another bad executive decision.

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The American Investment portfolio under President Obama’s watch has been a dismal failure. Over $5 Trillion dollars invested (not spent according to Obama) and what do we have to show for it? What have we received in anticipated future returns? One third of the value of our annual Gross Domestic Product borrowed and invested to grow our economy and create (no save) jobs and not a measurable improvement on the nations balance sheet. Some might argue that the market responded favorably and rebounded to Obamanomics, but the market responded favorably to sub-prime mortgages for a while too, soaring to inflated heights only to plummet.

Look around you and you will see your governments investment dollars at work in your community. For example: “Lifeline Cellphone Services.” Did you know the government (i.e. the taxpayer) provides a basic cell phone and monthly phone service to anyone now receiving any form of government assistance for any reason? I’m positive AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and other lesser publicly traded cell providers are dancing with glee over this form of government investment, but what of the taxpayers?

Bottom line is government has been propping up almost every corner of our economy by borrowing and printing money to pay for programs that will never provide a future return. And now they want us to diversify and throw more investment into the education gutter? As they say the devil is in the details, so let me help the President with his goal of transparency.

Obama’s education investment will provide his party’s future base (who each own a 50K share of our National Debt) to get a free public college education. He also wants them to be able to live expense free while our so called education investment propagates debt, therefore he eliminated the work for welfare provision of President Clinton’s Welfare Reform.

Going to college will soon qualify as work and therefore render qualified students eligible for welfare benefits. Of course this group of students will now include illegal immigrants by the millions. Investment is now defined as the massive expansion of existing entitlement programs to service future generations of progressive voters.

What kind of future returns on our educational investment can we expect? If our college bound adults are taught Obamanomics, I suspect we can anticipate more bankruptcies, deficits and debt. After all if Ivy league Obama doesn’t know the difference between investment and spending, what should we expect from his future educated class?

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