Obama Campaign Desperate for Money?

With Election Day only three weeks away, both the Obama and Romney campaigns are spending like there’s no tomorrow, and for one of them, there isn’t.  A number of reports in past months have touted how much Obama has raised at one campaign event after another.

That means the Obama campaign has to do whatever it can to raise as much money as it can in the final days of the campaign.  And it seems that they’re not too particular from where the campaign contributions are coming from or whether they are legal or illegal.

One organization that has been monitoring campaign contributions is the Government Accountability Institute run by Peter Schweizer.  In the latest comprehensive examination on campaign contributions, the GAI discovered:

  • The Obama campaign lacks the “industry standard level” of credit card security for donations
  • The website Obama.com was purchased by an Obama bundler based in Shanghai, China, with questionable ties to state-run enterprises
  • 68% of the traffic to Obama.com is foreign, and the site was linked to a specific donation page on the official BarackObama.com campaign website for ten months
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In another report, Chris Walker, a London man successfully made two $5 donations to the Obama campaign.  It is illegal for the campaigns to accept foreign donations, but it didn’t seem to stop the Obama campaign.  Walker also tried to make the same donations to the Romney campaign but the donations were both rejected.

Walker used his actual street address in England, listed Arkansas as the state and used the Zip code of 12345 (Schenectady, NY).  Most credit card handling systems automatically identify errors or mismatches between addresses, states and Zip codes.  I used a credit card system to handle purchases for a very small non-profit organization and if there were any discrepancies on any of that information, the transaction was rejected.

When interviewed about the donations, Walker said:

“When I did Romney’s, the payment got rejected on the grounds that the address on the card did not match the address that I entered.  Romney’s Web site wanted the code from the back of card. Barack Obama’s didn’t.”

The Federal Election Commission reported that the Obama campaign took in $2 million in September from donations containing incomplete or completely missing Zip codes.  The Obama campaign people are trying to explain that it was just a minor technical error and all of the Zip codes are verifiable, but what else would you expect them to say.

But when all else fails, it seems that the Obama campaign then turns to Bank of America for help.  On September 4, Obama for America procured a $15 million loan with only a 2.5% interest rate.  The loan is payable in full eight days after the election on November 14.

Mind you that last year, Bank of America was struggling and Obama’s dear friend Warren Buffet conveniently invested $5 billion in the bank to help keep it solvent.  Bank America also contributed $20 million for the cost of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.  Obama’s acceptance speech was scheduled to be held at Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL Carolina Panthers.  When they realized that less than half of the stadium would be empty, they cancelled and moved the speech to a smaller venue.

Evidently, Buffet’s money and sound management have been really helping Bank of America as they have recently announced that they are laying off 16,000 employees.  Let’s see, they spend $20 million on the DNC and then give’s Obama’s campaign a loan of $15 million and then says they’ll be laying off 16,000 employees.

Gee, isn’t this what Obama has been accusing Mitt Romney of doing with companies?

Somehow, I believe that these campaign investigations have only scratched the surface of irregularities and illegal contributions on the part of the Obama campaign.  But just like any other illegal action by Obama or any of his staff or Cabinet, it’s up to Obama’s puppet, Eric Holder and the Justice Department to bring any charges or actions against them.  That’s like asking a crime boss to turn in and prosecute the members of his own crime family.

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