Obama Campaign Group in FL Sending Voters to Early Voting 3 Weeks Prior to Early Voting Date

We all know that the Democratic Party’s motto is ‘vote early, vote often’ but in Florida it is being taken even further.

Earlier this week, Pasco County (just north of Tampa-St. Petersberg) election officials were flooded with hundreds of voters showing up to vote early.  It seems that they had received a phone call from a political action group instructing them to do so.  The problem is, Florida’s early voting doesn’t start until Oct. 27.

Needless to say, county election workers were perplexed at the sudden onslaught of premature early voters.  They did their best to explain to the people who called and showed up that early voting doesn’t start until the 27th, but many of them were not pleased and some got indignant about being put off from voting.  After all, they all received a robocall telling them to go vote now.

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Eventually, one disappointed voter showed his phone to the election staff who copied down the phone number of the call.  When they called that number, they discovered that the call had originated from a group known as Organizing for America, which just happens to be a grassroots re-election group for Barack Obama.

When Pasco County Election Supervisor Brian Corley inquired with Organizing for America, the group denied telling people to start early voting now.  They claimed that their message was only telling people who requested the absentee ballots not, but not to go vote early.  Corley said that the OFA staff were ‘quite defensive’ about his inquiry and his insistence that they stop sending out the messages.

After speaking to OFA, Corley returned to his election staff to verify that hundreds of voters had contacted them or shown up and all of them were wanting to vote early as the message they received instructed them to do.

Since receiving little cooperation from OFA, Corley issued a press release to the local media asking them to notify the public of the OFA call erroneous information and to let the people know when the date for early voting was.  OFA officials are furious with the press release and demanding that Corley retract it and issue a new release telling people that the county election officials are working with OFA.

Corley responded saying:

“I explained the situation to the organization and politely asked them to, at minimum, retool the robocall.”

“We know you [OFA] did a robocall. Not one person said what you [OFA] claimed was the message in your robocall.  I stand by the truth: Hundreds of people contacted us or came in and asked about early voting.”

“If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, let’s use some common sense here.”

“When I have misleading voter calls and voters coming in, I would ask the good people of Organizing for America to take a look in mirror and take some accountability, instead of trying to blame my staff and I.  It’s disingenuous.”

This is typical of the liberal Democrats associated with Obama.  When caught doing or saying something wrong, they deny any guilt and refuse to make any changes, just like Obama did during the first presidential debate.

They blame others for their own mistakes.  In fact, that’s what OFA is doing.  They have contacted several of the media outlets in an attempt to make Corley and his staff look to be the guilty parties.  It kind of reminds you how Obama keeps pointing the finger of blame at George W. Bush and the GOP controlled House, instead of accepting blame for his mistakes.

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