Obama Campaign Needs More Time for Voter Fraud in Ohio

Ohio has long been a key swing state in presidential elections.  Since 1964, no one has won the general election without carrying the state of Ohio.  In this year’s hotly contested presidential election, Ohio holds 18 electoral votes.  Only California (55), Illinois (20), Florida (29), New York (29) Texas (38) and Pennsylvania (20) carry more electoral votes than Ohio.

In years past, Ohio, along with 31 other states, have allowed voters to vote early by mail or in person.  In Ohio’s case, they have allowed voting to take place during the three days prior to the general election.

However, with a Republican governor, Ohio has passed a new law restricting the voting to the day of the election, except for absentee mail in ballots.  With the Democratic slogan of ‘vote early and vote more often’, it’s no wonder that the Obama campaign has filed a lawsuit with Ohio’s election officials claiming that the new law unfairly discriminates against voters who want to vote early.  They cite the fact that military and overseas voters are still allowed to cast their votes on the day before the election.

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In the past couple of years, Ohio Democrats have done their best to block voter ID laws and have even tried to push through a bill that would eliminate the need of having an address in order to register to vote.  By not having an address and being able to vote for 4 days, imagine the ‘vote early and vote more often’ opportunities available for dishonest voters.  When I heard the Dems pushing for this law, it reminded me of the old ballot stuffing days in Chicago.  Say, isn’t that where Barack Obama is from?

Democrats need as many voting days as possible so that more dead dogs, people and illegal aliens can vote to help counter the military votes.  Even though Oho only has two military bases – the Integrated Support Cleveland base operated by the U.S. Coast Guard and Wright-Patterson A.F.B.), the military vote could be enough to make the difference come November.  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the largest military base on U.S. land.

According the last Gallup Poll taken in May, 24% more veterans favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.  With Wright-Patterson A.F.B. covering two counties in this important swing state and being the largest military base on U.S. soil, the Democrats are desperate to take any measure possible, legal or illegal, to get Obama re-elected.

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