Obama Climbs in Bed with Iranian Captors of Christian Pastor Saeed

Obama Climbs in Bed with Iranian Captors of Christian Pastor Saeed

Yesterday, Barack Obama announced that the United States has signed a deal with Iran to dismantle their nuclear program. Negotiations have been ongoing for the past two years, failing to meet several deadlines until now.

Most of the Middle East nations around Iran have spoken out saying that they don’t believe Iran can be trusted to keep any kind of deal and that a deal could actually make them more dangerous. Israel has also expressed doubts about Iran’s credibility and has warned Obama that any kind of deal may just embolden them and place Israel in greater danger. But like most international events, Obama has ignored the advice and warnings from around the world.

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In his announcement, he said that a number of other nations were involved in the deal including Russia and China, yet most experts say that such a deal runs against what the two nations really want.

So what is this spectacular deal that still has to be approved by a Republican controlled Congress?

According to The Guardian the conditions of the agreement are:

  • Iran will reduce its enrichment capacity by two-thirds. It will stop using its underground facility at Fordow for enriching uranium.
  • Iran’s stockpile of low enriched uranium will be reduced to 300kg, a 96% reduction. It will achieve this reduction either by diluting it or shipping it out of the country.
  • The core of the heavy water reactor in Arak will be removed, and it will be redesigned in such a way that it will not produce significant amounts of plutonium.
  • Iran will allow UN inspectors to enter sites, including military sites, when the inspectors have grounds to believe undeclared nuclear activity is being carried out there. It can object but a multinational commission can override any objections by majority vote. After that Iran will have three days to comply. Inspectors will only come from countries with diplomatic relations with Iran, so no Americans.
  • Once the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has verified that Iran has taken steps to shrink its programme, UN, US and EU sanctions will be lifted.
  • Restrictions on trade in conventional weapons will last another five years, and eight years in the case of ballistic missile technology.
  • If there are allegations that Iran has not met its obligations, a joint commission will seek to resolve the dispute for 30 days. If that effort fails it would be referred to the UN security council, which would have to vote to continue sanctions relief. A veto by a permanent member would mean that sanctions are reimposed. The whole process would take 65 days.

In exchange, $100 billion of Iranian assets around the world will be freed up and they will be allowed to once again sell their oil on the world market and make billions more dollars.

Many Republican leaders have already spoken out against making this deal with Iran and freeing up their $100 billion in frozen assets and opening up the world market to their oil. We will wait to see what happens over the next 60 days as that is the time limit for Congress to approve the deal.

In the meantime, Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, remains in an Iranian jail for his Christian faith. He has spent over 1,000 days in a filthy and squalid prison cell with no medical care after reportedly being beaten for believing in Jesus Christ. His family has begged and pleaded with Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to intervene on Saeed’s behalf, but like most issues involving Christians, they have turned a deaf ear to plight of this Christian pastor and his family.

Barack Obama continues to tell the American people that he is a Christian. At the end of his announcement, He asked God to bless America. How can any Christian seek God’s blessing when he has done so much to destroy Christianity here in America? If Obama is the Christian he claims to be, there is no way would have pushed the legalization of homosexuality on America and there is no way he would abandon a Christian pastor while making a deal with his captors.

I’ve contended that Barack Obama is more a Muslim than he is a Christian. He attacks, deports and undermines Christians and Christianity, but he praises, builds up and supports anything Islamic. He walks, talks and acts like a Muslim much more than he comes across as a Christian so it should be no surprise that he leaves Pastor Saeed to rot in the Iranian jail while Obama climbs into bed with Saeed’s Muslim captors.

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