Obama Continues To Favor Illegal Aliens Over American Citizens

I can’t believe that more American citizens aren’t up in arms and demanding the arrest and impeachment of President Obama for wantonly failing to uphold federal immigration laws.

America – wake up and smell the salsa!

Obama and the Department of Justice are not only refusing to uphold federal immigration laws, they are filing suit to block states that are forced to take action against illegals because the feds won’t do their job.

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Arizona, Pennsylvania and Alabama are some of the states and local communities within those states that have found it necessary to pass their own ordinances to try to stop the infestation of illegal aliens in their jurisdictions. And every time a state or local government is forced to take such action, the feds by the direction of the President, file suit to block the laws claiming they are unconstitutional.

Alabama’s law which goes into effect in September states that it is a criminal offense to be an illegal alien in the state. It also gives any law enforcement officer in the state the legal right to detain anyone that is reasonable suspicious of being an illegal alien. And of course, the Depart of Justice immediately filed suit to block the law from taking effect.

But there still might be one last ray of hope. The US Supreme Court recently asked the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals to re-examine its decision in the case involving an immigration ordinance in Hazelton, PA. The Hazelton Illegal Immigration Relief Act stated that if any business was found to be hiring illegal aliens that they were subject to losing their license to do business there. In reviewing the case, the lower court vacated its first ruling that declared the ordinance unconstitutional.

Now we will have to see what the US Supreme Court does with the appeal recently filed by Arizona over a lower courts ruling of parts of their immigration law being unconstitutional.

To start with, if the President wants to use the Constitution, then perhaps he should start with the illegal alien he sees every day when he looks in the mirror. Even if he does somehow prove that he was born in Hawaii, the Constitution spells out that in order to hold the office of President, one must be a NATURAL born US citizen. The term natural born citizen has been legally defined in the past as meaning that BOTH parents are US citizens and that the individual was born in the US or US military facilities abroad. And since Obama’s father is not a US citizen nor has he ever been a US citizen, then legally he is still not eligible to hold the office.

So it should be no surprise that the Obama White House is more illegal alien friendly than American citizen friendly. He can’t be that friendly to American taxpayers as he needs to bleed them dry in order for him to keep offering all of the free benefits and aid the illegals get that we don’t.

To be honest, we need to jail the illegal occupying the Oval Office and put a NATURAL born US citizen in the executive chair. Then hopefully, the federal government may have the cojones to uphold the US Constitution and federal immigration laws and start removing the 15 million illegals from OUR land!

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