Obama Courts Cuba’s Communists While Shunning Our Allies

Once again Comrade Barack Obama has shown his true colors. In his early autobiography, Dreams from My Father, Obama seems to brag about surrounding himself with socialists and Marxists. His dearest mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a known socialist activist. Some of Obama’s appointees have been socialists.

Since assuming residence in the White House, Obama has gone out of his way to court some of America’s longtime enemies and offend our longtime allies. Rather than taking a hard stand against the leaders of the Middle East countries that have been targeting our nation, Obama wined and dined them only to make him look like an international fool and turn America from being a world power to a world joke.

Israel has been our one key ally in that region of the world and for the past fifty years, America has stood firm in supporting our Jewish allies. Yet Obama has spent the past six years insulting Israel’s leadership, creating a rift in our longtime relationship. Obama has systematically sided with Israel’s enemies including Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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Obama’s brother Malik works for an organization with close ties to the Syrian government who is a sworn enemy of Israel. He often wears a Hamas scarf in public that speaks about the destruction of Israel and how the Palestinians will own all of the land that is now owned by Israel. Don’t forget that Malik Obama has been a frequent visitor to the White House and was the best man at Barack’s wedding and Barack was best man at Malik’s wedding.

Now Obama has reached out to another sworn enemy of the United States. In the 1950s, the US supported a coup of the Cuban government and help set up a new regime that turned out to be worse than the one they replaced. Cuba became a communist nation and allowed the Soviet Union to place nuclear missiles on their island just 90 miles away from the US.

Fidel Castro remained a defiant adversary of the US throughout his entire regime. He even did his best to send Cuba’s criminals to the US as refugees in hopes of them wreaking havoc against US citizens. Relations between the two countries have been colder than the South Pole.

In 2006, Fidel’s brother Raul took over at President, Prime Minister and First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba. He is a devout Marxist-Leninist communist who at times has been more radically communist than his brother.

Due to Raul’s hardline stance against democracy and the United States, you would expect America’s leadership to continue to take a hard stand against the communist island. But Obama never seems to do things that are in the best interest of the United States.

In a surprise move this week, Obama announced that he is opening up relations with Cuba and hopes to start building a US embassy there soon. As part of the new friendship, Obama agreed to free three Cubans spies held in US jails for the release of American Alan Gross.

But not everyone is pleased with Obama’s actions and the release of the three convicted Cuban spies. Among those who find Obama’s action to be appalling and a slap in the face are the families of four American humanitarian pilots that were shot down and killed by Cuba.

In 1996, the four men were flying in two private aircraft in international airspace off the coast of Cuba when Cuban MiGs shot them out of the sky, killing all four pilots. The men were flying missions for Brothers to the Rescue.

Marlene Alejandre-Triana, the daughter of Armando Alejandre, one of the pilots killed by the Cuban military, spoke out against the release of the Cuban spies, one of which was the mastermind behind her father’s murder:

“For the only person that we had responsible for what happened to be let go — it’s a slap in the face to my dad.”

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) was born in Cuba and she believes that Obama’s prisoner swap may have violated federal law. She commented:

“This is outrageous. The Cuban regime ordered the murder — the assassination of these three American citizens, one resident — and what has been the value of these valiant heroes lives and deaths? An exchange.”

But isn’t that what Obama did when he exchange five top Taliban terrorists for an American Army deserter? Many questioned the wisdom of that swap, but Obama said that he was promised the released terrorists would not be allowed to take part in any future actions. Since when do we believe the promises of terrorists other than the promise to behead an innocent person? I can’t say what those five terrorists are doing at the moment, but it’s quite coincidental that Taliban attacks have once again escalated now that some of their strategic leaders have been freed.

I’ve often contended that Barack Hussein Obama’s actions are tantamount to treason against the United States. He continues to defy Congress and the American people to aid and abet our sworn enemies, which the US Constitution defines as treason. He must be held accountable for his treasonous actions and crimes against the American people. Obama needs to be arrested, jailed, tried, convicted and then summarily executed as most traitors have been in the past.

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