Obama, Dems Already Holding America Hostage & Blaming GOP

Now that the election is over, there is one thing that hasn’t changed at all and that is the unwillingness of the Democrats to compromise and then blaming Republicans for the same.

January 1, 2013 is being referred to as the Fiscal Cliff.  If nothing is done, the tax breaks enjoyed by all of us will end and we will see a significant decrease in our take-home pay.  Additionally, there will be forced massive spending cuts in the federal government, some of which will not be beneficial such as in the Defense Department.

Just like they have done over the past two years, the Democrats and President Obama have stated that the Republicans MUST accept their proposed legislation.  If they don’t, and America topples off the Fiscal Cliff, it will be the fault of the Republicans for not compromising with the Democrats.

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But who are the ones that are truly unwilling to compromise?  It’s Obama and the Democrats.  They have said it’s their way or no way.  And like old times, the media is already taking the liberal side and laying the blame on Republicans for not compromising.

The Democrats are insisting on ending tax cuts for everyone making $250,000 a year and more.  They believe that this wealthy class of people needs to start paying their way.  The tax breaks may also be ending for many businesses.  When you add it all up, it means that a number of business owners, large and small will have no choice but to either raise their prices to the consumers or reduce the number of employees, and perhaps both, just to stay in business.

And this is going to help the economy and job market how?

With Obama and the Democrats holding America hostage and controlling the media spin on it all, the Republicans will either be the ones to take the blame for not compromising, or they will take the blame for compromising and turning against their constituents.  The guilty (Obama and Dems) become the innocent and the innocent (GOP) becomes the guilty no matter which way it goes.

And I strongly suspect that this will be the way Obama and Democrats conduct business for the next four years.

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