Obama Draws Ire from Birth-land and Other African Nations

President Obama’s recent foreign policy decision to make gay rights an international issue has drawn the ire from Kenya, his place of birth and most of the other African nations.

Obama told world leaders that US foreign aid would be tied to gay rights.  He also vowed to send financial aid to gay individuals and groups that are being persecuted in other nations and that the US will try to help those fleeing anti-gay persecution.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton added that gay rights are the one remaining human rights issue that needs to be dealt with on an international basis when she said,

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“It is violation of human rights when people are beaten or killed because of their sexual orientation, or because they do not conform to cultural norms about how men and women should look or behave.  It is a violation of human rights when governments declare it illegal to be gay, or allow those who harm gay people to go unpunished.”

What Obama and Clinton fail to realize is that the rest of the world is NOT the United States and that it is extremely insensitive, inconsiderate and outright offensive for them to try to force their personal views on the rest of the world.

In Africa today, there are 4 countries that have the death penalty for anyone convicted of being a homosexual.  Over 25 other African countries make homosexuality punishable by imprisonment.  Depending upon which country, the sentence can range from a few months to life.  All but one of the remaining African countries ban homosexuality, with the one exception being South Africa who recognizes same-sex marriages.

Kenya, Obama self-confessed birthplace, views homosexuality as a serious offense and will imprison those convicted of being gay to a minimum of 11 years up to life.  Oliver Kisaka, the deputy general secretary of the National Council of Churches of Kenya responded by saying,

“We don’t believe in advancing the rights of gays.  God did not make a mistake; [being gay] is that person’s own perception. Those who live as gays need help to live right and we should not be supporting them to live in a wrong reality.

“Society should reach out to gays and transgender people to help them out of their situation. They have not ceased to be God’s children and no one is a gone case.”

Other leaders from African nations have taken Obama’s and Clinton’s statements as being extremely upsetting and offensive.

John Nagenda, senior advisor to Uganda’s president said,

“I don’t like her tone, at all.

“I’m amazed she’s not looking to her own country and lecturing them first, before she comes to say these things which she knows are very sensitive issues in so many parts of the world, not least Africa.

“Homosexuality here is taboo, it’s something anathema to Africans, and I can say that this idea of Clinton’s, of Obama’s, is something that will be seen as abhorrent in every country on the continent that I can think of.”

Obama’s statement was made almost in conjunction with Nigeria’s Senate approval of a bill to ban same-sex marriages.  The Nigerian law would impose a 14 year jail sentence on anyone found guilty of violating the new law and a 10 year jail term for anyone assisting a homosexual wedding.

Noted Nigerian columnist Leon Usigbe claims this will create a diplomatic confrontation between the US and Africa’s most populace nation.  He also wrote,

“Diplomatic sources hinted on Wednesday that the timing of the Obama presidential order was too closely tied to the recent passing of a bill by the Senate banning same-sex marriage and relationships.”

Homosexuality is also not tolerated in Muslim nations which makes one ask what his motive for such an abhorrent statement and policy?  Why would he knowingly antagonize such a large segment of the world’s population?

It appears that Obama’s attempt to force the world to accept homosexuality is part of his effort to not only seize control of the United States, but his formation of a one-world government with him holding the central authority and power.  I’m not one to get too involved with end times, but it would not surprise me to see Obama emerge as the anti-Christ as warned about in Scripture.

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