Obama Driving Citizens Out of Country While Welcoming Illegals

During the 2012 presidential campaign, one of Barack Obama’s main accusations leveled against Mitt Romney was that he was outsourcing jobs overseas. Facts showed that Obama’s charge was grossly over exaggerated and in fact Obama had also been outsourcing jobs and military contracts to other countries.

But now it seems that Obama is outsourcing US citizenship. Since taking office in January 2009, record numbers of Americans have left the country and renounced their US citizenship. Others that have permanent residency in the US are also leaving the country.

In 2013, 2,999 Americans turned their backs on America, giving up their passports and citizenship. In 2014, that number rose to 3,415. While that may not seem like that many people, consider that the five years prior to Obama taking office there were fewer than 500 Americans renouncing their citizenship each year.

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A number of sources blame Obama’s tax war against the wealthy. He repeatedly keeps finding ways to make them pay more taxes; even on money they earn and save in other countries. In 2010, Obama got the Democratic controlled Congress to pass the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) which requires foreign banks and other financial institutions to report all income and investments of US citizens to the IRS. Fatca went into effect last year and 140,000 banks and financial institutions have already signed on to comply with the act.

While Obama is busy driving out record numbers of US citizens, especially wealthy ones whose money accounts for thousands, perhaps millions of jobs, he is also busy courting millions of illegals to enter and remain in the US to take jobs away from American citizens.

Obama continues to say that his immigration policies are not causing Americans to lose jobs, but tell that to workers in Silicon Valley and other areas that are taking advantage of Obama’s anti-American immigration policies. He and a bipartisan group of congressmen want to increase the number of H-1 B visas from 65,000 annually to 195,000 annually. Supposedly these are for foreigners who have special skills and those pushing the increase point to places like Silicon Valley and all the high tech jobs. Yet, Microsoft just laid off 18,000 people from their R&D facility in Silicon Valley. Cisco and Symantec have also laid off workers.

Another report from Califexico (Hispanics are now the largest ethnic group in California) states that Southern California Edison is planning on laying off hundreds of workers (US citizens) and replacing them with foreign workers with H-1 B visas.

In other places throughout the nation, employers are replacing American workers with illegals that are being granted work permits. The illegals will work for less pay, so the employers are padding their profits by hiring them and laying off US citizens.

A restaurant hostess in South Beach, Amanda, fears for her job due to the number of immigrant workers that are constantly coming into the restaurant asking for jobs. She’s seen it happen to others.

A former hardware store employee who goes by the name of Cisco, short for Francisco, was laid off after a working in the store for a number of years. He’s tried to find work but says he can’t even get short time construction jobs because of cheap immigrant labor. Cisco in now living with his parents helping to take care of his mentally ailing father.

Their stores are becoming more and more common. With Obama’s latest immigration of granting delayed deportation and work permits to as many as 20 million illegals, many more American citizens will be experiencing what Cisco and Amanda are going through.

The bottom line is that Barack Obama is outsourcing US citizenship and replacing American jobs with cheaper immigrant labor. This is much worse than what he accused Romney of doing in 2012 and just provides more evidence of how much Obama hates America and Americans and wants nothing more than to destroy the American way of life.

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