Obama: “Energy Is Going To Be A Little More Expensive”

During Obama’s last Google+ “Fireside Hangout” session, he addressed a question about energy costs and climate change:

 “I have to tell you that there are some Democrats, for example, who represent states or districts that are heavily reliant on old power plants and are more heavily manufacturing based. And the truth is that if you produce power using old power plants, you’re going to be emitting more carbon, but, to upgrade those plants means energy is going to be a little more expensive, at least on the front end.”

 Converting old coal power plants into natural gas plants is expensive, and in many cases, the power plants have to shut down because the costs of conversion are too high. Once they’re converted, the cost of complying with EPA regulations will be high, but those costs will be passed along to the consumer in the form of higher prices.

Gasoline prices are going up, and they’re double now than what they were when Obama first took office. As energy prices surge, so will every other price that’s associated with any product that requires any form of energy. Products that depend on transportation or manufacturing will see higher prices because of burdening EPA regulations fueled mostly by liberals’ crusade to convince the sun to stop causing warming cycles on Earth.

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All these price increases are sacrifices that we should all be willing to make to stop global warming. Obama said a few years back that gas prices going up is a good thing. Now, why would that be a good thing? It’s not a good thing for us commoners, because it creates yet another financial strain on us. But it’s good for the ruling class in Washington who lovingly makes rules for us at our own expense.

Obama wants gas prices to go up so that people will stop being so dependent on “dirty” fossil fuels. He wants people to stop driving their own cars and start using mass transportation. He said that rising gas prices would “force us to think about changing the culture to create more emphasis on mass transportation.” This is why he praises Europe’s high-speed rail systems and why liberals push for them here.

And this isn’t just Obama’s pipe dream. Obama’s former Energy Secretary Steven Chu was open about how he wanted U.S. gas prices to be as high as Europe’s. And liberal economists say that high gas prices mean that the economy is doing well. Even the United Nations’ Agenda 21 seeks to pull people away from rural settings and force them into big cities where they will get around by mass transit. This way, people will be much more easily tracked.

It used to be that the government worked for us. Now, it’s the other way around. We work for them and write their paychecks, and all we get in return is more government controls, mandates, taxes and higher prices.

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