Obama: ‘Everybody is Our Kid, Everybody is Our Responsibility’

At a White House event dubbed “College Opportunity Day of Action,” President Obama was back in classic form, promoting Big Daddy government as the solution to everybody’s problems.

The topic ostensibly was college success, but the condescension came through loud and clear:

“Nobody is guaranteed success, but everybody has got access to the possibilities of success, and that we are willing to work not just to make sure our own children have pathways to success but that everybody does; that at some level, everybody is our kid, everybody is our responsibility. We are going to give back to everybody.”

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One of the most irritating things about Obama is that he speaks with a forked tongue. On some level, some of the things he says sound OK and perfectly agreeable: No one is guaranteed success, we need access to opportunities, help your neighbor, contribute to the community, etc. And since this is the Christmas season, we might recall Marley’s Ghost: Mankind should be our business.

But that all depends on the assumption of free individuals making their own choices to be charitable or to contribute to the broader world around them.

Obama is the messenger, however, not Marley’s Ghost or even Ebenezer Scrooge, and the context is the Left’s unquenchable lust for power and unshakable belief that you are incompetent and incapable, indeed have no right, to make your own decisions in your own life.

It’s the motivation behind innumerable liberal government schemes, such as the national womb-to-workplace database developed by the Labor Department and being implemented in schools through Common Core to track every American’s personality quirks, school grades, activities, fingerprints and even political opinions.

“Everybody is our kid, everybody is our responsibility. We are going to give back to everybody” is the clarion call of the socialist.

Just ask yourself, who is “we”? It’s not the audience Obama was addressing. It’s the royal “we” of Emperor Obama, and by extension it’s the larger “we” of his Democrats.

How can the government “give back” unless it first takes? And if the desire to help were sincere, why would the government take from people in the first place?

That just underscores how liberals have twisted the role of government. Or perhaps they’re merely trying to return government to a monarchy, with the king and the other nobles ruling by divine right, with the peasantry existing to service them.

Anytime government “gives,” it takes away two- or three-fold. Those “pathways to success” are Obamaspeak for you paying to expand the bureaucracy and, as an afterthought, maybe giving some scholarships.

Whenever a liberal starts talking about the government giving you anything, run the other way as quickly as your legs can carry you.

Memo to His Majesty: We are not your kids. We are not your responsibility. You keep your programs, or even better, let us keep our money in the first place.

Government needs to do what the Founding Fathers meant for it to do: Protect our rights. Then leave the rest to us.

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