Obama and Flunkies Get Religion Over Bergdahl-Terrorist Swap

He was on a mission from God.

That explains why the president of the United States swapped five murderous Taliban terrorist leaders for one U.S. deserter who had already cost at least six lives.

At least that seems to be the conclusion that President Obama, Administration officials and the suck-up, excuse me, mainstream media want you to draw, based on how they are presenting the Bergdahl deal.

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Have you picked up on the buzzword du jour yet?

The mystery word is “sacred.”

Which is kind of funny for people who for the most part seem to disdain God and anything holy.

We are being told that somehow, recovering a guy who appears to have deserted his post, deliberately hooked up with enemy combatants and who may have joined their cause or at least bought his continued existence with information on how to make better roadside bombs is a “sacred” duty.

Obama has said it, Susan Rice has said it, the talking heads of CNN have said it … and then they tell two liberals, then they tell two liberals, and so on and so on. …

You know what actually would be considered by most people to be a sacred duty, Mr. President?

Defending this country from terrorists. Not trading them back to their followers, not cutting deals with them, not hiring them as mercenaries to do your dirty work in Syria, not pretending they don’t exist when they turn on you and kill your ambassador in Libya.

Similarly, protecting our borders would be considered a sacred duty, not handcuffing the Border Patrol, encouraging a flood of illegal aliens with executive orders invoking the Dream Act that failed to pass in Congress or catching and releasing 36,000 illegal immigrant convicts.

Upholding the Constitution that you swore to protect; that would be another sacred duty, not finding ways to make yourself a king by circumventing Congress at every turn and acting as though executive orders were royal decrees.

In fact, there are probably a lot of duties of the presidency that could be loosely termed sacred. Negotiating with terrorists to get back a probable Taliban sympathizer is not one of them.

Which leads me to believe that the “sacred” duty all of Obama’s flunkies are describing has more to do with pulling their boss’s behind out of the fire yet again.

If you worship Obama, the One’s backside is practically a holy relic these days.

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