Obama Gives Iran Everything It Ever Wanted

“Cave” doesn’t even begin to describe how American “negotiators” are giving away the store in talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

Word has come over the AP and other wire services that the U.S. just agreed that Iran will not be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear program at the outset of any deal.

Will NOT.

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Excuse me, but wasn’t that one of the major points of this pathetic little exercise in finding President Obama a foreign policy legacy?

That one concession leaves even the Administration’s pretense of honesty from Iran lying on the negotiation deck like a heap of fish guts.

And there’s probably nothing Congress can do about it, because we already know that John “I Served in Vietnam” Kerry is hoping to have the treaty voted on by the U.N., then force the Congress to accept it.

But wait, there’s more.

In another concession reported by the Associated Press, the U.S. has agreed to let Iran run hundreds — that’s hundreds with an H — of nuclear centrifuges inside a “previously secret” fortified bunker — as in fortified against an Israeli bombing run.

This may cause some of you thinking people concern, but not to worry, Kerry et al. have got you covered. The AP story assures us that Iran won’t be allowed to do any work that could lead to an atomic bomb in its fortified underground bunker.

How do we know this will work? Well, because work in das bunker would be subject to international inspections — the same international inspections the Iranians said this week won’t happen.

The nuclear “deal” is shaping up to look just like tough-guy Kerry, flaccid and ineffectual.

Just like when President Carter “negotiated” with Iran over the American hostages back in the 1970s, every concession given is an excuse for five more demands.

In the end, one of two things will happen: Either the talks will break down mysteriously, or Obama will get an empty deal after Kerry puts on body glitter and grabs his ankles for all the Iranian mullahs.

There are two objectives for Obama here. One is his precious “legacy” — he just wants bragging rights to say that he stared down Iran. The other is that he wants to force Congress, and thus America, to bend to international law and establish that the United States is no longer its own country.

For Iran, there is only one goal: To win international approval for its ongoing research to develop a bomb that can wipe Israel off the map.

Thanks to American negotiators, both sides may get what they want.


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