Obama Great at Politics, Awful at Governing

I watched an interview with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who said that Obama was a good politician, but was awful at governing.

I would agree with Christie that Obama is a good politician and in fact I would consider him to be a great politician.  However, I disagree with Christie about Obama being awful at governing.

As for politics, he seems to have the same kind of personality that Adolf Hitler had.  Hitler rallied millions of Germans to his cause, even though they had no idea at the beginning just how dangerous he was.  Obama has done the same thing.  His silver tongue and ability to work the public and lie to your face without batting an eye makes him an excellent politician.

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Obama’s life from his youth till now has been influenced by a number of Marxist writers, teachers and mentors.  He has surrounded himself with Marxist advisors and even Marxist religious counselors such as Jeremiah Wright.  And as Gov Christie said, “He genuinely believes what he believes.”

If you have noted what Obama has done in his first three years, most of his programs have been socialistic in nature.  His drive to bring everything under the care of the federal government, such as health care, financial institutions, student loans, energy, etc. follow Marxist teachings.  He has to convince the people that the only entity to turn to for virtually everything in their lives is the government.  Once he accomplishes that, America becomes an official Marxist nation.

Gov. Christie says that Obama is awful at governing, but I say he is extremely shrewd and purpose driven.  Obama knows exactly how to govern in order to establish the Socialist States of America.  He has even openly violated the US Constitution and federal law on numerous issues in order to govern the country his way.

More and more of late he has ignored Congress and either used an Executive Order or a recess appointment to bypass Congress.  He’s done these things to put programs and people in place to help him convert America to Marxism.

When someone opposes him, he goes after them with a vengeance, just like a true Marxist dictator.  He is attacking Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona for challenging his eligibility status.  His administration has blocked nearly 800 websites that have openly criticized him.  The DOJ regularly rules against Christians and law abiding US citizens and rule for Muslims, convicted felons and illegal immigrants.

No, Gov Christie, President Obama is a great politician and is also great at governing.  It’s just that his ways are not America’s ways and that in a nutshell is the problem.  And the only way to solve the problem, is to crack the nutshell and throw the nut out of the Oval Office come November.

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