Obama Guilty of Largest Prison Break in US History Says AZ Sheriff

Pinal County, Arizona is located east and southeast of the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa metropolitan area and only 70 miles from the Mexican border. It is also home to the Arizona State Prison in Florence. The top cop in the county of 375,000 people is Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and he is making some serious accusations about Barack Obama.

On Wednesday, Babeu spoke out against Obama’s immigration policies and accused him of orchestrating the largest prison break in US history. He was referring to Obama’s release of over 30,000 illegals with criminal records from jails across the country. Babeu points out that when Obama took it upon himself to alter immigration laws, that he still specified that illegals with criminal records will be deported while those without criminal records will be released.

Babeu stated:

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“These were the worst of the worst — even the ones that President Obama said at one time needed to be deported.”

“Now, all of a sudden, we’re releasing tens of thousands of them into our community in really such a reckless manner that how do we not hold the president and these officials as co-conspirators in their crimes once committed?”

Babeu’s comments were made in response to the report released earlier in the day by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The report stated that ICE released 30,558 illegals with criminal records in fiscal 2014 (Oct.1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014). ICE tried to smooth over the numbers by comparing it to the 36,007 released illegals with criminal records for the fiscal year 2013.

Babeu has a good point that Obama and ICE officials should be held accountable and considered as co-conspirators for any crimes the illegals commit after they are released back into our society. I’ve contended for years that parole boards should also be held liable for any crimes committed by the people they release from prison before serving their whole sentence. I’ve seen far too many people that have been robbed, beaten, raped and murdered by someone out on parole. If the criminal was still in jail where they belonged, these victims would not have had their lives turned upside down or violently ended.

The report also states that many of the illegals with criminal records were released from jails in both fiscal years. Federal immigration laws only allow for no more than 6 months of detainment of illegals and then they have to be released.

My first question to this is why not deport them back to their home countries as the law requires? The reason given by ICE is that many of the home countries refuse to take their citizens back. I couldn’t believe it when I read that. I would force the home countries of these illegals with criminal records to take them back since they came into our country illegally to begin with. Secondly, I would bill the home countries for all of the expenses incurred from the moment the illegals are arrested to the moment they step foot back on their own soil. If countries have to start footing the bill for allowing so many of their citizens to come to the US illegally, then perhaps they’ll take stronger measures to secure their own borders.

According to the immigration laws still on the books, EVERY illegal alien is supposed to be detained, processed and deported and it’s time that the American people demand that those immigration laws be enforced to the fullest extent!

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