Obama-Holder Waging War Against Black Children

When Barack Obama was running for the White House in 2008, he promised to improve conditions for blacks and other minorities.  He promised more educational and job opportunities.  In return, they elected him to the Oval Office and he seemed to be living up to his promises by appointing a number of blacks, Hispanics and women to Cabinet and other government positions.  He was heralded at the savior of minority America.

Then reality set in.  Under Obama the unemployment level for blacks more than doubled that of whites.  While the national government adjusted unemployment rate is below 8%, the same government stats show that the unemployment rate for black teens is 41.6%, more than 5 times the national average.

Under Obama’s administration, the number of people relying on government assistance has almost doubled.  A large percentage of Americans needing welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and other government aid are blacks and minorities.

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Obama has also launched a war on women, which many liberals categorize as a minority.  Basically, anyone NOT a white male is a minority.

Now, President Obama, with the help of US Attorney General Eric Holder has launched a war against black children in Louisiana.  In 2008, the state started a voucher program in New Orleans, aimed specifically to help low-income and minority students who were in schools with failing standards to receive a better education.  The program was later expanded statewide.  In the 2012-13 school year, nearly 5,000 students from 118 schools took advantage of the program.  The state is preparing to launch the voucher program for the 2014-2015 school year.

According to Gene Mills, Executive Director of the Louisiana Family Forum:

“About 80 percent of the kids who receive the voucher or the scholarship are from the minority standpoint, and an argument can be made that we’re not limiting integration; we’re expanding it into the private and parochial schools because of the introduction of these minority students.”

You would think with that kind of results for helping minority children to receive a better education that Obama would be praising the system.  However, Obama’s puppet, Eric Holder, has filed a lawsuit against the state of Louisiana to block the 2014-15 voucher program. Their argument for the lawsuit states that allowing minority children to obtain vouchers and attend private schools would disrupt the racial balance in the public schools.

John White, State Education Superintendent told the Times-Picayune virtually all of the vouchers were used by black students and then wondered how black students leaving the public schools would make the school less white.

Mills added:

“It’s designed to protect the constituency, and that constituency is the public educational establishment who, in this particular matter, do not have the best interests of the child at heart but rather the preservation of political power …. I find that unconscionable, immoral, and unjust.”

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana’s Republican Governor responded by saying:

“[Obama and Holder] are trying to keep kids trapped in failing public schools against the wishes of their parents.”

“Make no mistake – this motion is a threat to the children in our state who only get one chance to grow up and deserve the opportunity to get the best education so they can pursue their dreams.”

So why would Obama and Holder take legal action to block a program that is helping low income and minority students receive a better education?  The answer is simple and speaks volumes about the role and purpose of the public school system in America.  The students using the vouchers are attending private and charter schools.  The federal government can’t indoctrinate the students with their socialist anti-Christian and anti-American ideology in private schools.  The students learn the real history of America and the role that Christianity played in our nation’s foundation.  They learn to be proud to be American and respect the American flag, Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem.

This is what Obama and Holder want to stop.  They don’t care if minority kids are relegated to a substandard education as long as it brainwashes them to hate America and their parents and look to the government for everything.  Striving to accomplish this goal, our black President has launched a war against Louisiana’s black kids and their families, proving he cares nothing for them.  The only thing Obama cares about is himself and his socialist agenda.

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