Obama Honors Illegal at State of the Union Address

The President of the United States takes an oath to uphold the US Constitution and the laws of the land. Yet for the past six years, not only has Barack Obama repeatedly broken that oath, but he flaunts his illegal acts in the face of every American.

Well over a year before our liberal Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, Obama ordered the Justice Department to stop enforcing it. Since it was an act of Congress, the president does not have the authority or legal power to just arbitrarily decide to not enforce it.

Obama overstepped his powers as president when he bypassed Congress to send millions of dollars and weapons to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Government. That very government was recorded saying that America, like Israel, is an enemy that needs to be destroyed, but Obama continued to give them money and weapons to carry out their genocide against Egypt’s Christians. According to the US Constitution, that is defined as treason, but no one has the guts to file the charges against Obama.

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When Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to stop deporting most illegal aliens, he again violated federal law just like the Defense of Marriage Act. He does not have the power to arbitrarily change acts of Congress, yet he continues to do it and everyone lets him get away with it.

In 2012, Obama again illegally bypassed Congress when he announced his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) plan. The plan allowed for any illegal alien who entered the US illegally prior to 2007, that were younger than 16 years of age, to receive renewable two year work permits and exemption from deportation. Obama’s edict was estimated to protect between 800,000 to 1 million young illegals.

More recently, he announced his memo to defer deportation on every illegal that had been in the US for five years or more. His memo would allow around 5 million illegals to obtain renewable two year work permits along with receiving numerous local, state and federal benefits.

Obama’s memo was followed by a six page memo from Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security that extended the deferred deportation to anyone who had entered the US illegally prior to January, 2014. The number of protected illegals jumped from 5 million to approximately 20 million.

Neither Obama or Johnson have the legal authority to change an act of Congress like they have, but again, this liberal administration cares nothing for the Constitution or the law. As if to flaunt his illegal actions in the face of every American, Obama invited a young illegal by the name of Ana Zamora to sit with Michelle Obama at the State of the Union Address.

Zamora’s parents are illegals who brought their daughter here illegally when she was young. According to the immigration laws passed by Congress, Zamora and her parents should be detained and deported back to the home country, but Obama has used his dictatorial powers to prevent that from happening.

Generally, around 20 to 22 special people are invited to sit with the First Lady during the address. Those selected are honored in some way for something they have done. In the case of Zamora, she was selected so that Obama could flaunt his lawless ways in the face of Americans. It demonstrates his disdain for everything America stands for and should not be tolerated by the American public.

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