No, Obama Is NOT Humiliating US, But Congress Might

I completely agree with the headline, “A Vote Of No Confidence Is In Order.” And I’m even willing to hope that Ed Rogers’ conclusion about how Congress should vote on Syria wins over the war hawks.

“If Republicans can limit the president’s authority to wander and blunder on the world stage, there is a moral obligation to do so… The only thing worse than no response from America is a floundering response, so Congress should stop it while they can.”

But Rogers’ editorial is a toxic brew of lies, even apart from his mendacious charade that there is real proof that Assad used chemical weapons.

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“I guess the White House wants to pretend that the humiliating debacle America is suffering — in front of the world — isn’t happening.” No, Obama is humiliating himself. America has an unprecedented opportunity to show honor. The question is: Will Congress drag America into Obama’s humiliation by approving his latest new effort to help anti-Christian jihadist, terrorist forces in Syria?

“But no, for the first time ever, an American president is saying, ‘The buck does NOT stop here.’” What? That saying was first invoked by the Democrat, New-Dealer, and corrupt Harry Truman, FDR’s “successor and a Democrat. Later, Jimmy Carter featured the Truman’s sign on his own desk. Is that re-assuring to conservatives? Truman was a man with as little respect for our Constitution as Rogers shows in his editorial.

The Constitution is unambiguous. The buck stops with Congress when it comes to war. Obama’s actions in Libya were illegal. He should be impeached for pretending the buck stops with him. He would be committing treason to attack Syria without a mandate from Congress. Rogers, like John Kerry and many others is publicly pretending that treason is law and that refusing to commit another act of usurping treason constitutes dereliction of duty. Presidents have been operating illegally for so long that public figures are now certain they can lie about the Constitution with impunity (though, notably, Bush went to Congress for Afghanistan and Iraq!).

Rogers’ babble about “sending a message to Iran” is especially atrocious. Syria simply underscores the message of Libya, in which we first gave over to Al Qaeda a secular dictator who had agreed to our WMD demands. We are using the same strategy of supporting Al Qaeda-linked terrorists to destroy Syria.

Libya’s and Syria’s message to Iran is easy to decipher: Even if they complied with every US demand to disband their civilian nuclear power program, we would still destroy the nation at the first opportunity and claim we were “liberating” the country while jihadists beheaded babies and ate the hearts of civilians in the streets of Tehran. David Gregory would exult on Sunday morning about our “humanitarian” mission because liberals are so peace-loving.

Conservatives should ask themselves, before buying into this Obama as waffler ruse: When has this president ever shown himself to be lacking in ruthlessness? He didn’t put the Syria strike on pause because of some hogwash about being “a spent force.”

No, Obama, had to back down because Democrats realize the American public and the world does not believe the lies anymore. He backed down because Democrats are worried about 2014 and Hillary wants a shot in 2016. The voters are waking up. The attack is not politically viable unless Obama gets cover from the GOP in Congress.

Americans don’t want to go to war in Syria because it obviously and wrong. Even if it was proven that Assad attacked used chemical weapons, it would still not be worth supporting Al Qaeda/Al Nusra and underwriting the murder of more Christians.

The buck stops with us. We need to vote, lobby, and scream to stop this vile support for terrorists in the Middle East.

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