Obama Ignores Worldwide Christian Persecution and Norway’s Theft of Family’s Children

We’ve all heard that the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery have been persecuted by the state of Oregon for not baking a cake for a same-sex wedding because of their Christian convictions. And their penalty for adhering to their faith ended up totaling $136,927.07, which they paid in its entirety on December 28th, 2015. Merry Christmas to them!

But as The Blaze reported a day later, that wasn’t the end of the sad tale. The owners of the bakery, Melissa and Aaron Klein, had three separate bank accounts, a checking and savings account and a separate one marked solely for contribution to their church.

Evidently, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries didn’t give a crap about that as they confiscated every dime out of all three accounts. “It was like my breath was taken away,” Klein said. “I panicked. Everything was gone. We had three accounts,” she added. “I have one account that’s labeled, ‘God’s money’ – our tithing. They just took it.”

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Yep, they just took it all. America — land of the free! If the state can steal your money through taxes and tyrannical regulations, what can’t they steal?

It could be worse. They could be Christians living in Norway.

The Romanian Pentecostal Bodnariu family, consisting of father Marius Bodnariu, mother Ruth and their five children found out the hard way about being too Christian as “Norway’s Child Protection Services, known as the Barnevernet, seized their three sons and two daughters…”

On November 16, 2015 the two daughters were seized “after the principal of the middle school they attended cited concerns about the children’s religious upbringing and how the parents were teaching their kids that God punishes sin.” Oh the horror!

Norway family
Bodnariu Family

Although there is not a shred of physical or psychological evidence, the Barnevernet insists the children were being abused. All five children, including the youngest boy, an infant, have been placed in three separate foster homes and “their parents have been given extremely limited visitation rights. Although both parents can see their infant son twice a week, only Ruth can visit with her two oldest sons once per week while neither parent can visit their daughters.”

Angry yet? Oh, it gets worse.

The Norwegian child service agency has decided not only to refuse to return the children to the parents but have begun adoption proceedings for all five. The authorities have just taken the children from their rightful parents and intend to give all five to others — not even making an attempt to at minimum keep the siblings together.

“According to the London-based Christian Today, in May 2015, an estimated 3,000 children from immigrant families were in Norwegian state custody.

“It cited as notable examples of Barnevernet practices its infamous 2012 seizure of two children from Indian couple Anurup and Sagorika Bhattacharya, which the Indian government fiercely protested, as well as an April 2015 seizure of a two-and-a-half month old daughter of a Slovakian father and deaf Norwegian mother, for, among other reasons, ‘lack of eye contact between girl and her parents.’” (H/T: Life Site News)

The agency performed no background checks or interviews prior to the seizure and the family’s attorney later discovered that the parents were accused of “radicalizing and indoctrinating their children with Christianity.” The charge was Christian indoctrination!

Is this Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia? This is some spooky stuff that government agencies can just confiscate a couples assets or worse, seize and sell off their children. What the heck is the world coming to?

I just wonder how many Muslim bakeries have also been fined and their bank accounts seized for refusing homosexuals or Muslim children the Norwegians have seized for being indoctrinated in Shariah? I’m going to go out on a limb and say exactly zero to both.

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