Obama Illegally on 2008 Indiana Primary Ballots

If the Senator Barack Obama was not on the Democratic primary ballots in 2008, what would have happened?  If not on the primary ballot, then Obama would not have been allowed on the general election.  The 2008 general election for Indiana had Obama with 1,367,503 votes and Sen. John McCain with 1,341,667 votes, a difference of only 25,836 votes (0.9%) and sending Indiana’s 11 electoral votes to Obama.

Obama did win the 2008 election by 9.5 million total votes and 365 to 173 electoral votes.  Indiana’s 11 electoral votes would not have been enough to make a difference in overall national election.

The only reason I’m bringing this up is that a jury in South Bend, Indiana just found two Indiana Democrats guilty of voter fraud concerning the 2008 Democratic primary election.  Butch Morgan Jr., Democratic Party Chairman for St. Joseph County, and Dustin Blythe, former Board of Elections worker for the county were found guilty of felony voter fraud and forgery charges.

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According to the testimony presented during the trial, both men were found guilty of forging and falsifying pages of signatures on the petitions to meet the number requirement to get both Obama and Clinton on the primary ballots.

Indiana state law says that presidential candidates must submit petitions with a minimum of 500 signatures from each of the state’s nine congressional districts.  In 2008, the 2nd congressional district, which includes St. Joseph’s County, the Obama camp submitted 534 signatures and the Clinton camp submitted 704 signatures.  Had either of those petitions been challenged and verified, it appears the Obama petitions would have fallen well short of the required 500 signatures.  With the evidence presented in court, the Clinton petitions contained about 130 fake signatures, which were still enough to allow her name to be placed on the primary ballot.


With so many other examples of voter fraud by Democrats in other parts of the country, I can’t help but wonder who really should have been on all of the ballots and who would have really won presidential election.

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