Obama Insults Millions of Legal Immigrants

As Barack Obama abuses his executive power by bypassing Congress and extending green cards to millions of illegal aliens, not only are the Republicans outraged, but so are millions of legal immigrants.

First let me say that I do believe that our immigration process is flawed and needs to be revised, but that does not mean giving ‘get out of jail’ cards’ to millions of people who violated federal law by entering the United States illegally.

I have some dear friends who came as legal immigrants from South Africa. It took them years and thousands of dollars to wade through the immigration process. They are white and when the political scene in South Africa was taken over by blacks, it became very dangerous for them to stay in their country. Blacks were beating white men and raping white women on regular basis and this family of four (parents, son and daughter) feared for their safety.

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When they finally got the approval to immigrate to the United States, they were heartbroken to learn that the immigration papers only covered the parents and the son, but not their college aged daughter. The family was forced to leave her behind with relatives as they came to America. It took another two years before the daughter finally obtained approval.

During all of this time, the thought of trying to illegally immigrate never occurred to this family. They respected America and our laws and wanted to do things legally. They’ve told me that Obama’s DACA actions in 2012 were an affront to them and that any action to extend amnesty to lawbreakers is an insult to them and millions of others who went through the process of legal immigration. The father told me that he feels Obama’s immigration policies are an act of betrayal against the American people.

I know another couple who lived in Romania. He is a world renowned scientist in his field. He wanted to immigrate to the United States, but at the time he was told the process would take up to seven years. He ended up immigrating to Canada in what was only a two year process. He has told me that our immigration system is flawed, but that he does not believe that illegal immigration should be rewarded for breaking the law.

I also have friends in the United Kingdom whose son wanted to come to the US for the summer and work with us at a non-profit ministry. It took months and a lot of letter writing on the ministry’s part just to get a temporary three month work permit for twenty year Brit. I’ve asked him how he feels about Obama’s immigration policy and plan to give green cards to millions of illegals to allow them to stay and work in the US. He told me that after what he went through to get a temporary three month work permit that it’s offensive to him to see what Obama is doing.

There is a man currently working at the ministry that was hired from Canada. He had temporary approval and had moved here, only to be told that his status was revoked several times. On one occasion he was forced to leave his family here in the US as he had to return to Canada for several months before being allowed to return. It took several years of constant legal wrangling before he finally obtained a green card to allow him to live and work here.

This man also believes that even after what he and his family has gone through, that Obama’s actions are offensive and a betrayal to all legal immigrants and to the American people.

I’m sure if you know any legal immigrants that most of them will respond in a similar manner. Barack Obama is offending millions of legal immigrants and his actions are an affront and betrayal to the American people. Hopefully, the Republicans will be able to stop Obama’s actions with some kind of legal injunction to stop the green cards from being handed out. Then on January 3, 2015 when they have control of the Senate, they will take the steps to block Obama’s illegal actions and work to enforce our immigration laws and to fix our broken immigration system.

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