Obama Invented Healthcare Like Gore Invented Internet

In this week’s article by Michelle Makin, she recounts:

“At a recent White House science fair celebrating inventors, a Girl Scout who helped design a Lego-powered page-turning device asked President Obama what he had ever thought up or prototyped. Stumbling for an answer, he replied: ‘I came up with things like, you know, health care.’”

Just like Al Gore’s infamous claim that he invented the Internet, Obama tells a girl that he came up with health care. Both are blatant lies by two liberal politicians.

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However, there is one huge difference between Gore’s claim and Obama’s. The internet is alive and thriving well while Obama’s health care system is being placed on life-support with the possibility of having the plug pulled in two more years.

Makin’s post went on to explain just how bad off Obama’s heath care system is:

“The miraculous, efficient, cost-saving, innovative 21st-century government-run ‘marketplaces’ were supposed to put the “affordable” in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.”

“Know-it-all bureaucrats were going to show private companies how to set up better Web sites, implement better marketing and outreach, provide superior customer service and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse.”

“You will be shocked, I’m sure, to learn that ObamaCare exchanges across the country are instead bleeding money, seeking taxpayer bailouts and turning everything they touch to dust.”

“‘Almost half of ObamaCare exchanges face financial struggles in the future,’ The Washington Post reported last week. The news comes despite $5 billion in federal taxpayer subsidies for IT vendors, call centers and all the infrastructure and manpower needed to prop up the showcase government health-insurance entities.’”

Instead of having a golden touch like King Midas, Obama seems to have the touch of lead. He put his grubby hands on the nation’s health care industry and it’s all on the verge of ruin.

He put his grubby paws on the energy industry only to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on problematic green energy programs while putting hundreds of American involved in the coal industry out of work.

Obama put his grubby perverted paws on the military only to reduce our defenses and reduce its morale by turning the military over to homosexual leaders that are willing to shoot fellow Americans upon order.

He put his grubby fingers on marriage and families, legalizing same-sex perversion and helping homosexuals attack and destroy traditional marriage and family values.

He put his grubby mitts on immigration, allowing millions of illegals to steal jobs, deplete state and local benefits, destroy neighborhoods, increase crime rates and set up the potential for millions of illegal voters.

To be honest, I can’t think of one thing Obama has touched since moving into the White House that hasn’t turned into lead instead of gold. He has ruined virtually everything he’s been involved with which is one of many reasons I believe that Obama is the biggest crook in US history and should spend the rest of his sorry life rotting in an 8×8 cell that’s been welded shut.


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