Obama on Iraq: Hell No, I Won’t Go

Of all the betrayals of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, the decision announced this week not to give any aid to the legitimate Iraqi government in its fight against a rampaging al-Qaida army must be one of the worst.

Joseph Farah at WorldNet Daily made a point that Obama’s foreign policy is derivative of the infamous Cloward-Piven strategy for bringing about a communist economy by overloading the welfare system, and thus ensuring maximum government control. Farah believes that Obama’s goal at all times is to create chaos for chaos’ sake, with the ultimate aim of creating stricter, stronger government.

If that’s the case, Obama’s idea of stronger government must be one that follows shariah law, because that’s what he has a pattern of supporting, from the Muslim Brotherhood coup in Egypt to the al-Qaida “rebels” in Syria.

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But I think it’s even simpler than that. Some of the people behind Obama certainly have grand plans, and Obama himself may have a few fantasies about how he’d like things to turn out, but I think that ultimately, Obama operates on an instinctive level.

He grew up in Muslim communities, amid the kind of squalor, ignorance and stagnation that only Shariah law can bring about. That’s what he likes. That’s home to him.

Obama also inherited his father’s hatred of western culture, so to him the ultimate slap in the face is when a Muslim, person or nation, embraces Western values.

As far as Obama is concerned, Iraq deserves what it is getting.

And I think he’s secretly pleased to have played a part in what’s happening by withdrawing our military support from Iraq.

President Obama said he will not give Iraq any aid until it works out a “plan” to make its factions cooperate. He’s well aware that the violence between Muslim factions, particularly Sunni and Shiite, have been going on for centuries, and any such “plan” is not only impossible to create within a matter of days, but it is doomed to failure from the start.

Days are likely all that’s left for Baghdad before the capital is taken and Shariah law established. Obama dismisses this situation as “a wake-up call for Iraq.”

Obama said he was keeping open the possibility of airstrikes, but that’s unlikely to happen before al-Qaida is well protected within Baghdad city limits, if at all.

I believe Obama has some notion that he is helping to create a renewed Muslim caliphate, which is a goal of both the ISIS al-Qaida group now stomping on Iraq and of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In the final analysis, Obama seems to want a world where patriarchal, emotionally unstable men are in charge; the “church” and the “state” are one and the same (so long as it’s not Christian); you not only can destroy your enemies, you are encouraged to do so; and life is just settled into a long, slow, easy Islamic rut. I believe Obama would feel comfortable as either a dictatorial leader in such a world or — and this may be his real fantasy — as just a common citiizen with nothing to do but what the government tells him, sitting around getting high and sticking his face in the dirt five times a day. That would be, by all accounts, similar to his high school “glory” days, when he hung out with his “choom gang” and sucked marijuana smoke off the ceilings of his friends’ cars, occasionally hanging out with Frank Marshall as he dealt drugs from his hot dog cart.

There’s an opportunity right now as ISIS crosses the open country to wipe out hundreds or thousands of al-Qaida fighters in a couple of hours of bombing. It’s against Obama’s every instinct to take that opportunity and do the right thing.

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