Obama is a Lying S.O.B.

All we’ve heard from President Barack Obama is that he will not raise taxes on the middle class.  His push for the fiscal cliff deal was to only raise taxes on the wealthy while maintaining the tax breaks for everyone else.  Over the weekend, Obama said that he would not allow taxes to increase for the middle class.

Well, in case you didn’t hear, the fiscal cliff deal may have kept the Bush era tax cuts; it also allowed one tax break to end, causing everyone’s payroll tax to increase by 2%.  That means that anyone or any couple making only $50,000 a year will pay an additional $1,000 in taxes.

Folks, that is an increase in the taxes of middle class Americans as well as those living below the poverty line.

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Additionally, everyone is so busy talking about the fiscal cliff deal that they are overlooking the numerous tax increases that just went into effect that are part of Obamacare.  Those tax increases are expected to cost middle class Americans anywhere from $1,000 to $2,400 a year in additional taxes.

And Barack Obama knew about all of these tax increases as he was telling us that he would not allow taxes on us to increase.  In my day, this would constitute the person being referred to as a lying son of a b…..  Sorry to be crude or use offensive language, but the actions of the president gives me no alternative but to use the most accurate and descriptive expression to describe Obama.

At one time, people like Obama would have been tarred, feathered and run out of town in some areas of the country.  Back in the Old West, a lying politician, like Obama, would often find themselves at the swinging end of a rope.  But what do we do today with a lying s.o.b. like Obama, we re-elect him so he can lie to us all the more.

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