Obama is an Addict That Denies His Addiction

Have you ever known anyone who has an addiction?  It doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol; it can be pornography, clothes, eating, smoking, sports, television, computer games and even work.   There are thousands of different kinds of addictions and they all have one thing in common, the addict generally does not admit to having a problem.

A gambler says he can stop gambling anytime, but he knows that he’s about to get lucky and hit it big.  An alcoholic or drug user will say they have their habit under control when in reality it has them under control.

President Barack Obama has an addiction and like other addicts, denies that it’s a problem.  His addiction was revealed more openly during the recent fiscal cliff negotiations with House Speaker John Boehner.  One of the key issues that the Republicans wanted to see was an earnest effort to cut federal spending.

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However, at one point in the negotiations, Obama told Boehner:

“We don’t have a spending problem.”

Spoken like a true addict, Mr. President.  You’ve spent more money than any ten presidents before you.  You have raised our national debt by over $6 trillion dollars.  We have borrowed from China, Japan, India and from ourselves to pay for your spending.  Our national debt is increasing by $3.85 billion dollars per day and at the time of this writing, the total was $16,439,342,021,429.  That works out to over $52,000 per man, woman and child.  For a family of four, their share of the national debt is over $204,000.  If you break it down to just taxpayers, it adds up to nearly $150,000 each.

When Obama took office, the national debt was $10.6 trillion.  He has increased it by 50% and under his economic plans, the national debt will hit $25.4 trillion in ten years.

Under Obama, we have had three stimulus plans that have cost taxpayers nearly $3 trillion and we’ve yet to see any beneficial results.  The total cost of Obamacare ranges from $1.5 trillion to $3 trillion depending on what source you use.

The size of the federal government is growing at the rate of 101 new employees every single day and the average salary for federal employees is $84,000, $32,000 more than the average American worker.  Since Obama has taken office, the federal government has hired over 143,000 new employees putting the federal workforce topping 2.2 million at an annual cost of $236 billion.

And Obama says we don’t have a spending problem?  What is even scarier is that a number of Democrats are pushing to give Obama an unlimited debt ceiling which really amounts to a blank check and unlimited spending.  That would be like giving an alcoholic all the free boozes he wants.

The first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem.  That seems to be something that Obama is unwilling to do at this point in time.  That means the only recourse is intervention.  Congress needs to step up and strip Obama of his powers dealing with finances and turn him into a public figurehead like the British monarchy.  The man is a spending addict and refuses to see it.  The last thing we need to do is to give him a blank checkbook and say, we trust you.

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