Obama Kills Jobs To Win Votes

Everyone has heard of Barack Obama’s controversial and unconstitutional executive order to allow nearly one million illegal immigrants to remain in the US.  Part of the order also allows them to obtain work permits to allow them to take jobs away from legal US citizens.

Many have argued in the past that the jobs taken by illegal aliens are the ones that Americans don’t want to take, thus they are filling a niche in the job market.  It may be true that most of us don’t want to take many of these menial or labor intensive jobs, but when faced with losing one’s house or not being able to put food on the table for one’s family, any job will do.

At a time when jobs and the economy are the two most important issues facing America, Obama’s decision only served to keep jobs away from Americans instead of helping them.  Case in point is what has happened in Alabama this past year when they passed the toughest immigration laws in the nation.  Some employers and farmers complained at first that they didn’t have enough workers to harvest the crops or for other jobs.  However, in the months that followed, the unemployment rate in Alabama dropped considerably as many Americans who were out of work started taking those jobs left vacant by the fleeing illegals.

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So in effect, by Obama allowing some 800,000 illegals to remain in the US and to allow them to obtain work permits, he is actually keeping thousands of jobs from legal US citizens.

This is a classic example of Barack Obama placing his re-election campaign ahead of the needs of the American people.  If Democrats follow their current trends, they will find ways of getting thousands of these illegals to register to vote even though it is illegal for them to do so.  Otherwise, why would the DOJ try to stop Florida from removing illegals from the voter registration records?  Because it’s more important to him to win over the votes of thousands of illegals than it is to follow the law, deport the illegals and open the jobs up to American citizens.

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