Obama Knocks on WWIII’s Door, Talks About Climate Change

I beg to differ with President Obama. Climate change is not the most serious threat faced by this planet.

He is.

Let me back up a bit.

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We all know that Obama is touring the world this week touting climate change because he wants to finally pay back all the wealthy people who have financed his career by giving them the trillion-dollar joy of carbon credits, along with a docile populace cowed in every aspect of life by environmental regulations.

But there are even bigger things afoot, and Obama is lurking in the background of events that some people are worrying could lead to World War Three.

You’ve probably heard about Turkey shooting down a Russian plane and how angry that has made Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Turkey is a member of NATO, so its actions led to invoking Article Four of the NATO treaty, bringing together representatives of all member nations for an emergency meeting Tuesday.

Obama’s reaction to the shooting down of a Russian military plane by a NATO member was basically, ho-hum, Turkey has a right to defend its airspace. Then he went on to explain at the press conference how it was all Russia’s fault anyway, while calling for Turkey and Russia not to escalate things.

Meanwhile, U.S.-backed Syrian “rebels,” apparently using a U.S. missile, shot down a Russian rescue copter sent to look for survivors of the jet crash.

In his speech, Obama made a possible Freudian slip of the tongue when he said, “The problem has been Russia’s focus with propping up Assad rather than ISIL.”

The White House will spin that if anyone asks about it, but it explains succinctly the background to the current mess in the region.

Obama wants Bashar al-Assad gone. He has wanted that almost since he first turned the doorknob on the Oval Office.

Putin wants Assad to stay because he’s an ally and a useful countermeasure to the United States in the Mideast.

Why Obama hates Assad so much is less clear. In addition to being a dictator, Assad is a member of the Ba’ath Party, the same political orientation Saddam Hussein belonged to. In that sense, Obama is fighting the same war President Bush fought, only far less successfully.

Assad also seems to hate Sunni Muslims, in the age-old schism between Sunni and Shiite. Obama, on the other hand, has shown an affinity for Sunnis, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, an unknown number of whom serve in his Administration.

Obama has tried gun-running, smuggling personnel, secretly supplying aid, openly providing aid and ginning up a war over alleged poison gas use in order to get rid of Assad. None of it worked.

document touted by Glenn Beck purports to be a recently declassified report from the Department of Defense and seems to show that the Obama Administration knew full well that withdrawing troops from Iraq would be likely to lead to the rise of an Islamic terror group like ISIS, but that the Administration allowed it to happen in hopes that such a group would take down Assad.

Compound that with recent accusations by Russian officials that it was U.S. policies that helped the rise of ISIS (something that has long been acknowledged in non-U.S. media), and the Obama Administration seems to have been caught red-handed.

That won’t matter one wit to the U.S. liberal media or to Obama’s supporters, however it does make it clear that the whole conflict that appears ready to explode in the Mideast goes directly back to the personal ambitions of the community organizer in chief.

Article Five of the NATO treaty essentially says that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all. France may already have reason to invoke it against ISIS, which will leave Russia with a decision to either join the hated enemy against terrorism or continue to protect Assad and face the possibility of Obama setting up an Article Five false-flag situation that drags Russia into war with NATO.

The other possibility is that Putin loses his cool and “accidentally” retaliates against Turkey, leading again to an Article Five situation with Obama in the shadows encouraging events. That seems less likely because Putin has a lot to lose and probably wouldn’t want to risk it. There is also a very remote possibility that Turkey could declare the Russian military plane it shot down was attacking inside its borders.

There may be other scenarios, but the possibility of invoking Article Five at this moment is hanging over Europe, Russia and the Mideast like the Sword of Damocles.

And with it hangs the possibility of war.

Meanwhile, the chief orchestrator sits smiling and talking about the weather.


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