Obama Leading America Down Same Economic Path to Disaster As Europe

Parts of Europe are in a worse economic crisis than the U.S. and according to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Barack Obama’s economic policies are mirroring those of the European Union and will lead to the same disastrous results.

At a campaign stop in Wisconsin, Ryan told a crowd that Democrats were not solely to blame for our current situation, but the Republicans also share part of the blame.  But what he did tell them is that current path being taken by Obama will lead us down to the same financial disaster that is plaguing Europe:

“When President Obama came into office, he inherited a difficult situation. Both political parties contributed to this mess, Republicans and Democrats.”

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“You see, what’s happened is decades of politicians from both political parties made lots of empty promises to people to get elected, and pretty soon, if we have a debt crisis like that which is now plaguing Europe, these empty promises become broken promises – that’s what’s happening in Europe today.”

“The unemployment rate of youth in Italy and Greece is over 50 percent. They’re losing a whole generation of people. If we copy and follow European economics, we will copy and follow European results.”

“That’s the path that President Obama has us on, and that’s the path we’re going to get off when we elect Mitt Romney on November the 6th.”

After the video clip, Ryan went on to tell the crowd:

“Every man, woman and child’s share of the national debt was $36,000 when President Obama came into office. Now, four years of failed leadership, of empty promises, it’s gone up 45 percent. It’s $51,000.”

“That is the share of debt that every single person has. Every child born into this society, into our community, into Wisconsin, starts off 51 grand in the red. That’s something we simply cannot afford. We cannot afford to keep piling this debt on to our children and our grandchildren.”

If you’ve been following any of the news out of Greece or the rest of Europe over the past couple of years, you should remember the riots, protests and violence that has taken place.  Students and public workers in Greece have taken to the streets on numerous occasions demanding answers and that someone fix a very broken economy.  Under Obama, we’ll soon see the same riots and protests.  They will be more violent and demanding than the Occupy Movement protests that fizzled across the country in the past year.

Even the QE3 stimulus the feds just launched is designed to only make the economy and jobs worse and plunge the U.S. further into debt.  They are investing in areas that will not result in jobs as the QE3 is designed to create.  By the end of 2014 QE3 will add an additional $2 trillion onto the U.S. balance sheets.

When will the Democrats learn that we broke away from Europe in 1776?  We are not Europe.  We don’t want our healthcare fashioned after their failing system and we don’t want our economy fashioned after theirs either.

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