Obama Leaves ‘Under God’ Out of Gettysburg Address

Filmmaker Ken Burns, as part of a documentary, has filmed all the living presidents and several other celebrities reciting the Gettysburg Address, which was given by President Lincoln 150 years ago.

All of them successfully recited the complete address, with one notable exception: President Obama.

In a line that every other participant read as “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom,” Obama left out the phrase “under God.”

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It’s a curious flub, of the sort that seems to keep happening to this president.

Perhaps the teleprompter skipped a beat.

Anniversary celebrations at the Soldiers National Cemetery in Gettysburg are expected to attract dignitaries, celebrities and history enthusiasts.

Obama is staying home, ostensibly to “deal with” the rolling disaster of Obamacare, his “legacy” piece of legislature that was supposed to ensure him a hero’s place in the history books. It’s odd, at least, that the first black president wouldn’t attend the anniversary of the most famous speech given by the president who ended slavery.

The short speech is an eloquent statement of the American principles of freedom and equality.

But President Obama, who has often compared himself with Lincoln, and who began his presidency with an unearned gimme in the form of a Nobel Peace Prize, will be spending part of the day meeting with senators to persuade them not to approve any more sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program.

Obama could hardly be more different from Lincoln. While Lincoln worked so “that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth,” Obama is working to compromise with a diabolical foreign power that threatens that very form of government.

Lincoln’s words carried weight and still hold meaning today because Lincoln spoke with sincerity and certainty you could trust. Obama’s promises aren’t worth the electronic ether they’re written on; he carries all the weight of a puff of wind.

Most notably, while both Lincoln and Obama are famous for their oratory skills, Lincoln was an inspirational leader who could rally the nation to his cause. Obama is coming off his failure to rally anybody, really, to his war in Syria and his plummeting approval over his signature health care disaster.

It’s no wonder Obama’s in hiding during the Gettysburg anniversary.

The omission of the phrase “under God,” however, points toward a deeper flaw in Obama’s, and liberals’, worldview: the notion that true freedom can be had without any concept of God.

It’s that atheistic outlook that is behind much of what’s wrong with our country today, and it’s at the root of socialism and communism. Karl Marx didn’t rail against religion for no reason. Belief in God is a roadblock to the goals of liberals, which require that people view government as the All-Father, the God-on-Earth that rules all aspects of their lives.

Obama and the spirit of Gettysburg are like oil and water. They simply don’t mix.

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