Obama Lied About Date of Bin Laden’s Killing; Distraction From Eligibility Hearing

On May 2, 2011, in a 9th Circuit courtroom in Pasadena, California, C-SPAN, CBS and ABC were all covering a hearing in the most significant eligibility lawsuit filed against Barack Hussein Obama, brought by 2008 presidential candidate Alan Keyes, almost two dozen state representatives and 30 members of the military.

Yet somehow, the story never made it to air and was ignored by the major media.

That was because the media were busy trumpeting what happened the day before, when the Obama Administration had announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed by a team of SEALs under the order of the president.

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But according to emails obtained by the Western Center for Journalism, bin Laden had been killed on April 28 or earlier, not May 1 as the president himself told the nation.

According to the emails, obtained from the Department of Defense under the Freedom of Information Act, Rear Adm. Samuel Perez sent a message on April 29 at 4:58 a.m. asking about special preparations for bin Laden’s funeral.

Email messages regarding the burial at sea go back to the morning of April 28, leading to the logical conclusion that bin Laden was killed no later than early in the morning of April 28, quite possibly before then.

When President Obama announced the death of bin Laden on May 1, he referred to the killing as being “today” several times.

The actual announcement was made late at night so that the media couldn’t help but carry coverage of it into the next day.

The WCJ asks the perfectly reasonable question of whether the bin Laden announcement was held until the night of May 1 so as to bury the story about the eligibility hearing on the morning of May 2?

Based on everything we know about this Administration, it’s almost a guaranteed yes. The eligibility story has dogged Obama since before his first election.

He has successfully fought it in the courts and gotten it buried in the media, which has tossed the whole idea in the permanent circular file.

But the hearing on May 2 was different in that it was brought by Keyes, a presidential candidate with definite legal standing, and been signed on to by so many lawmakers and members of the military. That suit carried a weight that most of the others did not.

Also, the fact that it was being heard in Pasadena, a stone’s throw from Burbank, the West Coast’s broadcast capital, must have been seen by Obama’s minions as boding ill for the Man Who Would Be King.

So the Administration did what this Administration does best and manipulated the willing dupes in the media.

The lawsuit was eventually dismissed by the court, which ruled that no one had standing after the 2008 election except a candidate, but since Keyes wasn’t running again, he didn’t count. There’s a reason it’s called the 9th Circus Court, after all.

I’m tempted to go further even than the WCJ and suggest that not just the timing of the announcement, but the killing of bin Laden itself was staged to distract from the hearing.

It’s known from various sources that President Obama had aborted previous attempts at getting bin Laden, probably under the influence of his adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is Morgan Le Fey to his Mordred.

It’s also known that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, with help from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was the real mover behind the mission to get bin Laden and that Obama was supposedly out of the loop until they came and got him off the golf course.

However it really went down, it’s obvious the Administration knew where to find bin Laden, it was simply a question of when. In other words, the killing of bin Laden was just a card in Obama’s sleeve to be played if things ever got desperate enough.

Obama’s flunkies would have obviously been aware of the upcoming hearing weeks, if not months, in advance, so someone in the Administration could very easily have decided it was time to play the bin Laden card.

Simply make the call, send in the SEALs, get the body on ice if need be, stage a funeral, redact some time stamps and make the big announcement when it will have maximum effect. As a bonus, Obama gets to brag in his re-election campaign that he got the bad guy.

That there is information about bin Laden’s death and burial at sea being withheld is clear. The Department of Defense claims the USS Carl Vinson has no records of bin Laden’s funeral. However, Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette in an email refers to “the paucity of documentary evidence in our possession,” meaning there is some sort of record. Gaouette, by the way, has since been relieved of command for unexplained reasons.

But don’t worry about seeing any of this in the media. There are new, cooked jobless numbers out today, and there are Santa stories to cover.

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