Obama Lies – It’s Okay. Romney Tells Truth – It’s Not Okay

One thing I’ve noticed so far in the current presidential campaign is that the campaign to re-elect Barack Obama has no ethics whatsoever.

Obama campaign ads, including some with Obama speaking, have continued to lie and make false accusations aimed at Mitt Romney.  Even after what they were saying was proven to be false and lies, they continued to run the commercials over and over and over again, obviously caring little about accuracy or truthfulness.

For example, they portray Romney as someone who outsources jobs overseas because of Bain Capital.  But when you look at the facts, Romney was responsible for very few outsourced jobs and in fact was instrumental in saving American companies and creating hundreds of jobs.  Look at how Romney was instrumental in saving Staples from financial ruin and turned the company around which in turn created hundreds of new jobs.

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Then when you look at Obama’s track record on outsourcing jobs overseas, you will find that billions of bailout dollars went to jobs and companies overseas.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta doesn’t do anything without Obama’s approval.  Panetta’s Department of Defense awarded a $345 million contract for a light attack aircraft to a company in Brazil rather than award the contract to a Kansas based company that could have provided a better aircraft and put Americans to work building it.

Additionally, look at how many illegal aliens Obama is allowing to stay in the U.S. and take jobs from American citizens.  His latest move to save 800,000 illegals from deportation will only serve to keep unemployment levels higher for Americans.

Obama accuses Romney of wanting to increase taxes on the middle class while saving the rich from paying their fair share. He says that he will not raise taxes on the middle class and that he is their friend.  Obamacare alone stands to increase taxes on the middle class by a substantial amount.  It will also increase taxes on senior citizens.  The insurance mandate penalty tax will hit more middle and poverty class families than it will the rich.

When Mitt Romney points out that Obama’s various programs to increase entitlements are making millions more Americans dependent on the government, the White House accuses him of lying and demands a retraction.  Yet under Obama, millions of Americans that once were in the middle class are now finding themselves in the poverty class and relying on government assistance.  Obamacare changed the qualifications for Medicaid, allowing millions more to qualify for state assistance.  Obama’s welfare reform only serves to put more Americans on welfare and reliant on the government for their livelihood.

Mitt Romney was speaking the truth.  The White House can’t handle the truth, so they accuse Romney of lying.  Yet Obama and his campaign can repeatedly lie through their teeth and they believe that to be completely acceptable.  What’s worse, the liberal media supports Obama’s lies and berates Romney for telling the truth.  This behavior is indicative of the last three and half years of Obama’s reign as president and serves as another reason he cannot be trusted nor should such a liar be allowed to remain as President of the United States of America.

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