Obama Loves On Iran while Spitting Vitriol at Israel

At some point we’re going to have to wonder if President Obama is at least somewhat anti-Semitic aren’t we? The way he’s been treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scandalous, and the disdain his administration has shown the Israeli people during this election is simply disgusting. If this were Obama’s normal modus operandi for dealing with international affairs then maybe, just maybe Obama’s treatment of Israel wouldn’t stand out so dramatically. Sadly, it’s not his normal behavior.

For example, President Obama just sent a wonderfully heartfelt message to the people of Iran encouraging them to support him (and stand against their own “hardline” leaders) and his efforts to build a lasting treaty with their nation. (How this is different from the letter 47 GOP Senators sent Iran just a couple of weeks ago escapes me.) The White House Press corps noticed the display and wondered why the President got so sappy…


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Ed Henry: I want to follow up on Kristen [Welker]’s question on the video that the video that the president sent, basically an open letter if you will, an open video to the Iranian people. Since you were so critical of the Republican Senators for sending an open leader to the Iranian leadership and it might interfere with this potential deal. How can you say that this video might not interfere because the president is essentially attacking hardliners in Iran in saying they don’t want a deal. Couldn’t this also interfere?

Josh Earnest: I don’t anticipate that it will. The president on a number of occasions has — I think every year on Nowruz — has issued an open message to people around the world who are celebrating Nowruz.

Ed Henry: He specifically talks about the deal and why they should be supportive of it.

Josh Earnest: Right, but the point is that there are people all across the world, throughout the Caucasus and Afghanistan and other places who celebrate Nowruz. The beginning of the message even notes that many Americans celebrate Nowruz. So, that’s the first thing.

The second thing is I think a message to people around the world who are celebrating Nowruz is entirely different from an open leader to the hardliners in Iran.

The third thing I’ll say is there was a I think pretty obvious partisan tinge to the letter from the 47 Republican Senators to the leaders of Iran. And this one is obviously — it wasn’t as if the president sort of tried to gather support only among Democrats for this message. So I think that makes a difference as well.


Charles Krauthammer at Fox News cuts to the quick by pointing out the fact that if Obama had been treating Israel the same way he treats Iran, things in the Middle East might be a bit more peaceful.



Megyn Kelly: Right before we came to air; President Obama released a video address directly to the Iranian people. Here’s part of it.

President Barack Obama: The days and weeks ahead will be critical. Our negotiations have made progress, but gaps were made. And there are people in both our countries and beyond who oppose a diplomatic resolution. My message to you, the people of Iran, is that together we have to speak up for the future we seek.

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Megyn Kelly: What do you make of that?

Charles Krauthammer: Well, this is unusual in American history; a president addressing a serious adversary, enemy of the U.S. Where the leader leads chants of “death to America,” and in the midst of it he takes a swipe at our most loyal ally in the region.

Obviously he wasn’t referring to Israel.

If only he would address as warmly the Israelis as he does the Iranians and their leaders. There is quite remarkable. And, look, it’s not new to have a new year’s greeting. He did that in 2009 and ever since. There is nothing wrong with that. But to include this kind of swipe in Israel and addressing the Ayatollahs is really rather new and quite startling.

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