Obama Making Borders Safer by Slashing National Guard Patrols

In response to the national outcry about his lack of border protection, President Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to assist the US Border Patrol agents in monitoring the US-Mexican border in June of 2010.

Following a report from Homeland Security officials claiming that border crossings have drastically dropped and a need to cut the budget, the president has ordered a reduction of the National Guard border troops to less than half of what are currently deployed.  The reduction will greatly affect California as they will see a reduction from 264 National Guard troops to a mere 14.

However, the Homeland Security figures are not an accurate reflection of the number of border crossings as they only report the number of apprehensions, not the number crossing.  In 2000, there were 1.6 million apprehensions of people, mostly Hispanic, crossing the border illegally.  In 2010 apprehensions fell to 447,732 and even fewer in the 2011 fiscal year to 327,577.

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The Obama administration has openly told the public that they are not enforcing arrests and deportations of illegals.  That means that they aren’t actively pursuing illegals as they have in years past.  If they don’t pursue and detain them, then their figures are going to be skewed and reflect a false truth.

It would be like telling police to only arrest people caught in the act of committing a crime and not hunting down those that already committed a crime and initially got away with it and then reporting that crime has drastically decreased when in fact it probably increased.

While Obama challenges the states trying to defend their own borders, he claims to have made a difference in reducing illegal crossings by erecting signs, reducing the number of troops patrolling the border and placing kiosks in the middle of the desert.

With this type of national security, what hope is there for America’s future?  Oh that’s right; Obama has plans for a different future anyway.

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