Obama May Have Taken Credit For bin Laden Attack But Had It Failed He Would Not Have Taken The Blame

Just over a year ago, President Barack Obama sat in a secret command room with his top military advisors and watched as the night time raid on the Osama bin Laden compound unfurled.  Many of you have seen the video of him in the room, clearly assuming a command position.

When the raid proved successful and Navy Seal Team 6 reported that bin Laden was dead and that they had secured his computer and other vital effects, the command room rang with applaud and congratulations.  Within hours of the success the news was splashed on virtually every headline in America and Obama just as quickly took full credit for the victory.

One year later, Obama and his campaign tried to use the death of bin Laden as a campaign tool, but many American’s believed it was in poor taste.  I especially believe it was in poor taste considering that he has now signed a pact with Afghan President Karzai to ban any future raids or attacks by US military personnel across the Afghan border.  What Obama once took proud credit for doing, he now says is wrong and no other American will be allowed to do or repeat it.

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But did you know that just as fast as Obama took credit for the victory in the bin Laden raid, he also would have escaped any blame or responsibility had the mission failed.  Prior to the raid, then Director of the CIA Leon Panetta, had drafted a memo that would have laid all of the responsibility on Naval Special Operations Commander Admiral Bill McRaven and not Obama.  It didn’t matter that the President was sitting there giving the orders, McRaven would have been the scapegoat had the mission failed.

Whenever I’ve done something or made a decision that affects other people, I have always taken the blame as well as the credit.  I’ve made some bad calls over the years and they’ve hurt some people, including my wife and family, but I always accept the responsibility for my actions.  I’ve even made sure that when others were blamed for something that I was responsible for, I set the record straight to clear the other person.  That’s what moral integrity is about.

Wouldn’t you expect the person leading our nation to have just as strong a moral character than yourself?  If not, why would you even vote for that person?  Why would anyone put their trust in such a leader to do the right thing and if it doesn’t work, then stand up and take the blame like a leader should.

But oh no, not Barack Hussein Obama!  Since he took office, he has repeatedly taken credit for anything he can, whether or not he had any involvement in it.  He has also repeatedly put the blame on others for his mistakes.  When his policies caused the economy to plunge even further into debt, he immediately started pointing fingers at Bush and Republicans.  When the countries first ever credit rating drop occurred, Obama acts like a 6 year old kid and keeps saying, ‘not me’ did it.

Personally, I am unable to place any trust or hope in a person like Obama who refuses to be a man and take blame as well as credit.  If he doesn’t have the backbone to stand upright like a man, then he better start crawling out the door of the White House and let us look for someone else who will say, yes, I made a mistake.

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