Obama May Spring Amnesty Before Thanksgiving

President Obama’s long-awaited amnesty may be signed into existence as early as November 21, according to a Fox News report.

A government source “close to the White House” gave Fox a copy of a draft report that outlines 10 points intended to address illegal immigration.

While the proposal tries to provide cover by “addressing” border security, whatever that means, and proposing to pay border agents more to raise morale (what we used to call “buying loyalty”), the heart of the plan is a bid to grant amnesty to at least 5 million illegal aliens by use of illegal executive orders.

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With Congress returning for a lame-duck session, and the new GOP upstarts not yet ensconced in their chambers, the next month and a half are probably the only opportunity Obama has to make his move.

Doing so would entail — yet again — flagrantly disregarding the Constitution’s separation of powers and taking the authority of Congress as his own. In short, Obama will make the illegal legal, laws be damned.

That’s not the work of a president, that’s the work of a king, much like the one we fought and defeated in order to secure our independence.

Democrats seem to be fully in favor of returning to monarchy, as they egg Obama on.

“We’re begging the president,” said California Rep. Juan Vargas. “Go big. These [illegal immigrants] are a plus to our nation. Mr. President, please. You said you were going to do something. Do it. Act now.”

Funny how urgent amnesty becomes now that the Democrats have lost an election.

Imagine if Obama hadn’t been so reluctant to harm his party and had granted amnesty before the election. Even the California coast might have voted Republican. …

Sen. Jeff Sessions told “The Kelly File,” “Let’s be clear, immigration officers have told us that if this goes through it will be almost impossible to enforce the law in the future.”

Surely, the “constitutional law professor” in the Oval Office understands that concept. But Obama’s got people like Vargas and the rest of the Democrats behind him, pushing him forward.

And the Democrats have people like the CEOs of Facebook, LinkedIn and DropBox, plus the U.S. Chamber of Commerce behind them.

Isn’t it interesting that the party that complains so much about big business is letting its immigration policy be driven by large companies that just want to firm up their bottom line by bringing in foreign workers who will get paid less than Americans?

Somehow, computer programming doesn’t strike me as one of those jobs that Democrats say American workers don’t want to do.

Of course, the same malignant forces are at work threatening the Republicans, and they will be a problem for the incoming Congress.

But right now, at this moment, this is about payback. The Democrats want to strike a decisive blow against this country while they still have the chance.

That’s the only conclusion, because this past election showed Latino voters siding with Republicans, and it wasn’t because the Democrats hadn’t passed immigration “reform,” it was because they might. Legal immigrants and the descendants of legal immigrants are united with the rest of the country in not wanting the illegals here.

Obama’s amnesty would be an illegal act to justify millions of illegal acts, pure and simple.

Whatever reasoning Democrats use to persuade themselves that amnesty is the right thing, what they actually plan to do will be devastating to this country. The fact that they aren’t willing to wait for the new Congress shows their real intentions beyond any doubt.

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