Obama More Like Arrogant Professor than President Says Dem Rep

California Democratic Representative Dennis Cardoza claims that Obama has acted more like an elitist college professor lecturing to a class of students than as president of the nation.

He points out that during Obama’s first year in office that he and his administration suffered from what Cardoza described as ‘idea disease.’  The White House spent most of their time turning out one program after another, sometimes as frequent as one per day.  They did not take time to prioritize or even act on one idea before releasing the next one.  Cardoza described the experience as overwhelming and like trying to take a drink of water from fire hose.

Cardoza also points out that Obama quickly took on an attitude of ‘I’m right and you’re wrong,’ shortly after taking office.  He often told the public, members of Congress and staff that we could all learn from him.  Instead of acting like a national leader, Obama acted more like a college professor, and not just any college professor but one who considers himself above all those around him.  I would tend to describe Obama’s professor attitude as that of Richard Dawkins, who is so arrogant that he says whatever he wants and expects everyone to take it as gospel truth.

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Like many elitist professors, Obama often avoided contact with normal people and even most members of Congress.  Cardoza recounts how one former Obamanite told him that White House staff were instructed to “NEVER TALK TO REAL PEOPLE.”  Another staffer told Cardoza that Obama kept at arm’s length from everyone outside in inner circle.

In keeping with his arrogant professorship mentality, Obama could care less for any input from anyone outside his immediate collective.  This aloofness has alienated Obama from America.  Unlike Presidents Clinton and Bush (both of them) Obama avoided meeting and talking to anyone from the general public unless it was a well scripted performance staged in advance.  This alienation has only served to distance Obama from a number of his early supporters and backers.

Finally, Rep Cardoza says that many Democrats would rather have New York Gov Andrew Cuomo or California Gov Jerry Brown or Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley or even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton run for president than see Obama run for a second term.  But if left with Obama on the 2012 ticket, Cardoza said he would remain loyal to the Party and support Obama over the GOP ‘goat rodeo clowns.’

Cardoza’s short expose reveals the disharmony and disenchantment within the donkey Party realm.  It also raises the question of why none of the other donkeycrats have been willing to challenge Obama for the party’s nomination.  What are they afraid of?  Is Obama’s inner sanctum that powerful as to intimidate any possible party challenge?

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