“Obama Murdered My Son” Says Mother of Slain Benghazi Victim

Several weeks ago, I shared with you how Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith felt that she had been lied to by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta and Joe Biden concerning the death of her son at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.  She spoke about how a month after the attack, no one was talking to her or telling her how her son had died.  Perhaps one of the things that aggravated her the most was when she cried on Obama’s shoulder and all he could do was to look away in such a matter that conveyed his total disinterest in her and her grief.

Three weeks later and learning more from the media leaked information than from the people who promised to keep her informed, Smith now blames President Obama for the death of her son.  In a recent interview from her home, she said:

“I believe that Obama murdered my son.  I firmly believe this.”

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In 2008, Smith voted for Obama at the urging of her son Sean.  Although she has not said so, I can only surmise now that she regrets that vote and will most likely not vote for him this time around.

Charles Woods, father of slain former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, echoes Smith’s sentiments but is a little more guarded with his accusation.  As a retired lawyer, Woods is well aware of what legally constitutes murder and issued this statement:

“I’m a retired attorney, and I know that these actions legally do not constitute murder. But in my mind the people in the White House, all of them who have authority to send in reinforcements to prevent what they knew was going to be the death of my son, are guilty of murdering my son.”

Greg Doherty, brother of the Glen Doherty, the other former Navy SEAL who was killed in the attack disagrees and says that the forces protecting the compound eventually repelled the attack.  Oh really?  That’s the first I heard that one.  Every news report that came out for over a week after the initial attack said that the terrorists completely overtook the compound and burned it to the ground and stole tons of classified documents.

What strikes me is that the family of two of the victims still feel lied to and betrayed by Obama and his administration and feel that they are responsible for the murder of their sons.  If Obama can’t convince a supporter that it wasn’t his fault, then how does he expect to convince the rest of the nation?

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