Obama Officially Announces His Dictatorship over America

Two and half years ago, I asked the question: Is Martial Law and Dictatorship Around the Corner?  Back then I wrote:

“In the three years since Obama took office, he has pushed legislation that has disregarded the US Constitution, given the federal government more power over businesses and the financial market and placed the nation on the verge of financial collapse. The head of one of China’s largest credit rating agency has said that the US dollar is being dropped as the reserve currency of the world’s economy…”

“Obama has instituted one socialist policy after another…”

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“All that is needed at this point is for the rest of the economy to begin to collapse for President Obama to declare a state of Martial Law throughout the United States. Once Martial Law has been established, Obama will continue to disregard the US Constitution and establish more government control over every aspect of life. Then before we know what happened, he disbands Congress and assumes complete and absolute control of the government and nation, establishing the first dictatorship in American history.”

“Will this happen? I sure hope not. Could it happen? So far, everything Obama has done is pointing in that direction.”

Over the past two years I’ve seen nothing to make me change my mind.  If anything, Obama has been taking bolder illegal steps towards his dictatorship than in the previous three years.  The economy isn’t any better and is still on the verge of collapse.  Millions of Americans are still out of work and losing their homes.  More Americans are uninsured today than when Obamacare took effect.  As Obama said, the inequality of wealth has been widening under his leadership.  Racial issues have been heating up and we’re seeing more racial violence since Obama took office then in the years prior to his election.  The military has been weakened by many of his policies along with troops and weapons cuts.  He’s virtually invited all of Central and South America to cross the border illegally so he can give them benefits and allow them to vote illegally.

This week’s State of the Union Address saw Obama basically announce his intentions of establishing his dictatorship by illegally using his executive powers to bypass Congress.  On Tuesday night, he told the nation and the world that if Congress doesn’t do what he tells them to do then he will just issue an executive order and create laws of his own.

The US Constitution clearly divided the powers of Congress and the Presidency to prevent this kind of thing from happening, but Obama doesn’t care and Congress doesn’t have the backbone to stop him.  If left unchecked by Congress or the courts, there may not be an election in 2016.  At the rate that Obama is seizing power and control over the nation, he just might use an executive privilege to do away with the next presidential election and declare himself sovereign ruler.  If you think that’s too bold for even him, guess again.  Just take a look at all of the illegal and unconstitutional things he’s done already.  He has no regard for the Constitution or any federal law.  Obama is doing whatever Obama wants to do.

As I concluded then, I’ll conclude now by saying:

“It’s up to the American people to stop him, if it’s not too late already.”

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