Obama Overrides Congress To Give Palestinians Millions of Dollars

In response to the Palestinians’ efforts to gain United Nations membership last year, Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) used her position to place a hold on nearly $200 million that Congress had approved for them.  After enough UN members voted against the Palestinians, Congress freed up $45 million and then another $88 million this past March.

However, in freeing up the funds to the Palestinians, Congress placed restrictions that the funds were not to be used for a number of specific projects such as any Gaza aid or for any road construction.  The restrictions literally meant that a large portion of the money was untouchable under the current Palestinian plans.

Last week, President Barack Obama took it upon himself to remove any restrictions, thus freeing up a total of $147 million for the Palestinians. Although the Palestinians state that the funds will be used for education, humanitarian aid, health projects and restoring infrastructure which includes roads, Obama said his decision was based upon the “national security interests of the United States.”

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I find the timing of Obama’s actions to be more than coincidental.  Former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei has been recently quoted as stating that the long going peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel are a waste of time.  He suggests that the efforts of having the two peoples live side-by-side will not work.  Rather Qurei is suggesting a multiethnic state that would encompass all of the historical Palestinian land, including all of Israel.

Qurei’s statement confirms the Palestinian desire to annihilate the Israeli people and retake their land.  The Palestinian Authority has repeatedly stated over the years that Israel is their number one enemy and they want nothing more than to drive them off the land that the Palestinians claim to be their own.

Right now the United States is giving nearly $500 million annually to the Palestinians who admit they are Israel’s enemy.  The US is also giving Egypt several billion dollars and the leading political party, the Muslim Brotherhood, have also vowed to destroy Israel.  All toll, the US gave over $10 billion to Middle East nations that surround Israel and most all of them are their sworn enemies.

And then US Vice President Joe Biden claims that Obama has done more for Israel than any other president in history.  Like I stated in the previous article on Biden, he is either completely ignorant of what is going or he is willingly lying to the American people.  Perhaps it’s both.

Anyway, I believe that the timing of Obama’s actions to release the funds to the Palestinians was timed purposely to coincide with Qurei’s comments and if they were, that sends a clear message that his true support is not with Israel.  Obama did what he did and when he did it, to send the message to the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world that his support lies with them.

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