Obama Parody Brought to Attention of Secret Service

Make fun of the president, get reported to the Secret Service.

That seems to be the lesson to draw from an entry in the annual Fourth of July Parade in Huntsville, Utah, that poked some gentle fun at King Barack I.

Huntsville resident Dave Clawson was the man behind the parody float, which featured a man in a suit and Barack Obama mask getting out of a limousine  and dancing with a bunch of women and “Secret Service agents.”

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The limousine featured signs that said “Huntsville welcomes the Obama Farewell Tour” and “Ask about our assault gun plan.  Call Eric Holder.”

Clawson in years past has participated in the parade with floats that parodied Presidents Bush and Clinton, and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson. Some in the community told reporters they consider his floats a local tradition.

Much of what’s currently wrong with this country is the fault of the raging narcissist in the Oval Office, and most of what’s wrong with King Obama’s reign is King Obama himself, but the rest of it is his mind-numbed, sycophantic, neo-Nazi followers.

True to form, the liberals in Huntsville, Utah, are showing they have no sense of humor and nothing but contempt for free speech that isn’t singing Obama’s praises.

Since the parade, the Mayor’s Office has been inundated with callers accusing the mayor of racism and demanding the City Council do something to appease them.

Other callers have tied up the phones at the Sheriff’s Department, claiming that they believe the float was a threat on the president’s life. The sheriff dutifully passed that along to the Secret Service, which will probably be sending out their Men In Black to Clawson’s house any time now.

Clawson points out that the signs on his float were obviously expressing a hope that Obama loses his re-election and a reference to the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal being investigated in Congress; although you can hardly blame liberals for not knowing that, since the Lamestream Media they read and watch has been covering up for the administration for years.

The mayor, who had nothing to do with the float, has already issued a disclaimer and apology, but Clawson is standing by his work. “I will offer an apology to no one for it,” he said. ” There was nothing wrong with it.  We were just expressing a little political humor and that’s just fine. If you watch Saturday Night Live, you’ll see much worse every time.”

Clawson sounds like a brave guy. Here’s hoping the libs don’t try to make an example of him.

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